Workshops in Canada and the USA

Bizzy B’s in Toronto would love to have me come before CHA Summer in July 13-15, 2012 , and in order to see if we can do it we need to know how the registrations might go over as the airfares at this time of the year from Germany to North America are a bit insane. So hop on over if you are interested in Workshops at this time in Toronto, Canada– here is some more information 

Bizzy B’s already picked these three workshops.



we are looking for the fourth workshop at this moment …Barb and Tony can’t decide which of the two canvases I showed them – either Timeless Colors or Free Your Creativity – not an easy decision- I know. LOL :)

After CHA in July – 24-30th, 2012 – Prima Marketing is organizing a little tour for me in the USA. I created a Prima Mixed Media Album full with awesome Prima goodies and heaps of techniques!

There are already a couple stores that are interested- but there is still some room – so if you ware interested as a store owner – here is the flyer for this tour.

You can click on the flyer to have it in a bigger and better readable size.


I would love to see you there – if you are coming or planning to come- let me know :)

have a gorgeous day


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  • Conny


    Ich nimm bitte Nr. 1 und Nr. 4 zum Mitnehmen ;-) Sind sicher alle genial – Ach ja hab meine Cousine überredet, dass wir uns Hamburg ansehen müssen …Sie: ja ok, such nen flug …. Nö, muss warten, bis Nathalie nen Kurs ausschreibt *ggggggggggggggg*

    LG aus Wien


    • nathalie-kalbach


      LOL :) Neue Kurszeit in Hamburg entscheidet sich dieses Wochenende wahrscheinlich mit meiner Hamburg Gruppe ;) nat


  • Sue Clarke


    CHALK on the wild side sounds fabulous!


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