Workshops in Israel – My Punch -Photos Part I

What a great time I had in Israel teaching for MyPunch! I had so much fun, learned so much, met amazing people and enjoyed every minute!

Was für eine großartige Zeit ich in Israel mit meinen Workshops für MyPunch hatte! Ich hatte so viel Spaß, habe sehr viel gelernt, habe unglaublich wunderbare Menschen getroffen und habe jede einzelne Minute genossen!

I arrived Thursday after a bit of a hazzle- who could have known that the entire city of Hamburg would be out of taxis due to the Europan Soccer League which took place here. 25000 fans had to get back to Spain and England …it was CRAZY!!! (look at the picture here…that is what I saw from the plane too – and you get what I mean ;) ) Anyway I made it after calling four taxi companies and fighting my way through drunk and sad and happy soccer fans and a delayed flight to Munich.

Alice picked me up at the workshop and I was so happy to see her.

*All Street Signs in 3 Languages*

We drove to Tel Aviv to her place and prepared the rest of the Kits for the classes.Then we went to the Suzanne Dellal Center to set up the Classroom.

View from the class room

After a delicious dinner sitting outside we went to the hotel where I slept like a stone :) The next morning I walked to the workshop place – as all the streets were close off because of the Tel Aviv Marathon. I loved the walk. Just looking around and finding some interesting things…like Graffiti (you know me- I love graffiti!) :)

The Workshops were amazing – I was welcomed in such a warm and heartful way. I loved teaching with the groups – everybody was so amazingly creative!!! Thank you all girls for coming and making it so special! and….next time…LOL …when I say BANOT…I really mean….lischkOt – LOL

I managed to not get any paint on my clothes during demonstrating-I’m so proud of me- LOL.

The Youngest :)

But lest not forget THE BRAVEST :)

Thank you all for the great time :)

In the evening I was invited to join the Shabbat Dinner at Alice’s Parents house. I was so honored and touched to be invited. I loved meeting Alice’s family and I wish I would have been able to communicate how much I loved it to her parents in Hebrew.  Alice got me really crying when she gave me a wonderful selfmade minialbum (I will show you later – have to take picture of it) and a gorgeous beautiful necklace with a Hamsa Hand. The Hamsa Hand facing down as in my neclace protects against the evil eye.

More photos from Jerusalem etc. following soon :)

Wishing you a good day!

  • anat - crafty fairy


    thanks for great inspirig classes.
    love your technics.
    hope to see you soon again


  • mimms


    Nat, it was so amazing taking part in all your classes. i learned so much especially with the canvas (for me it was stepping out of the box :o)) !)
    hop to see you agin in our small israel


  • Elinor - The bravest...


    Nat!! I loved watching you working with the massy paints… loved to be inspired by you and mostly- ebjoyed every single minute learning from you!!!
    You are awsome!!!


  • Daniela


    Klasse, wie du rumkommst! Klingt nach ‘ner gelungenen Veranstaltung :-)


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