What’s The Point or…New Stencil with Stencil Girl Products


Ohhh I am so excited about this new What’s The Point stencil too because it has so many possibilities.


For this Scrapbooking layout I used my new What’s The Point Stencil with PanPastels. Beforehand I had also treated the paper with PanPastels, then laid the stencil on top and dabbed the paint through. I love how vibrant the dots become.


The photo btw shows my grand-aunt with I think some friends…I found this photo when I was moving her apartment and it made me laugh hard. I hope I can trigger her memory on the story behind this :)


It is a fun stencil to tie elements together :) and I hope you like it


have an amazing day

huge hugs


Comments (9)

  • Judy Shea


    Oh now this is a cool stencil.. Can’t wait to try it out. Some of the simplest designs are the best one.


  • Mary C. Nasser


    LOVE your new stencil and what you created with it!!!


  • SusanJane


    I love wonky dots! This pattern is perfect! Random scatter and decidedly not round. On my list!!!


  • Nurse Ratchet


    Nat..this stencil is absolutely a must, no doubt about it , no questions asked ,have stencil…it is brilliant and sooooooooo versatile!! Gotta find a source for these beauties!!


  • Kathy P


    Great stencil, Nat! I like that the holes are bigger than dots and more irregular. I can see myself using this a Loy, Love what you did with it in your page


  • Sue Clarke


    What a fun LO and yes, the story is needed (or it might have to become a Whatevers) LOL…just kidding.
    That stencil is a simple design with so many possibilities.


  • muriel


    Oh, yes I too see possibilities in this stencil:patterns for clothes, blurred snowy backgrounds or foregrounds ! I love your colour combo too!


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