Sore Today, Strong Tomorrow or… Card



I made this card for my trainer Kim at the gym. We had a little surprise party for her since she is leaving and we all had a great time with her. In fact…she was a great motivator and kept me sane right after I moved from Germany. She is a big reason for being able to deal with homesickness a lot…having a daily goal to go to the gym and socializing with her and other neighbors has been good for me. Glad I will still see her though for kickboxing workout (yeah man…LOL…I am doing it …it is good for me ;) )

The saying on the card is actually by my trainer- I love that one…it can be adapted to many other things too ;)



It was a pretty big card…we all had to sign…while eating bagels, cream cheese and biscuits…hello carbs and love handle adding food  – LOL :)

Here is what I used for the card


Have a gorgeous day



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  • Amante del Papel


    FAntastic Page!


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