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Creative Squad: Good Morning Good Evening – Jordan Hill

Hello from my Creative Squad! Today we have a journal spread from Jordan Hill who creates a moody night scene using my Powerhouse and Row Houses foam stamps and our theme: Good Morning Good Evening – Are you a Morning Person or a Night Owl? Or maybe neither? Create a project inspired by your preferred time of day – when you are in good spirits, doing what you love, and enjoying life.

Hello, everyone! I’m very excited to be back with a new project! When I first started to consider August’s theme of ‘Good Morning Good Evening’, I’ll admit I was a little stumped. I do not consider myself either a morning person or a night person; I’m more of a middle of the day kind of person. With that being said, I ended up creating my project based on the idea of night; I quite like the nighttime aesthetics, and I’ve been known to incorporate a good night skyline into my artwork. With all that being said, let’s get into it!

The first thing I did was select a spread in my journal to work on. As soon as I decided to work with the idea of night, I knew these were the pages I wanted to use. Months ago I glued this moon collage piece onto a magazine background, and it’s been sitting around waiting for me to create something with it ever since! You can also see that the left hand page already has the beginnings of a face ready for me to draw on top of!

Next, I cut out a piece of paper approximately the size of the moon to use as a mask. I placed this circle on top of the moon collage piece. Then, using a combination of Nathalie’s Powerhouse Foam Stamp and Row Houses Foam Stamp, along with some white acrylic paint, I started to layer up some buildings to create a skyline! I mainly used the Powerhouse Foam Stamp near the bottom of my page, while the Row Houses Foam Stamp helped to create some of the buildings up the sides! The stamps made creating a skyline very easy, where it would usually take a while to draw something like this!

After the paint had dried, I wanted to add a little more definition to the buildings, so I used a yellow Posca Pen to color in some of the windows! This was an extremely relaxing process; I simply followed some of the lines in the stamped images to emphasize them.

The next step was to add the figure. In order to do this, I simply started sketching over top of the pre-existing shape of a face with my trusty Indigo Prismacolor Premier colored pencil. I also added some long flowing hair. When I was drawing the hair, I purposefully made sure that it continued onto the right side in order to tie these two pages together a bit more.

Now we’re getting into the finishing touches of the spread! I finished up my figure by giving them a shirt made out of a piece of collage paper, adding some shading to the face, and outlining the entire thing with white pen. I then added a handful of silver star stickers across both pages, and repeated the same process of stamping with Nathalie’s Row Houses Foam Stamp and adding yellow Posca pen along the bottom of the right hand side of the spread. 

As a last detail, I added a quote along the edge of the figure’s hair that I felt was fitting. I decided not to outline the entire quote in white, but instead left that for the parts of the quote that were over darker parts of the page, where it was harder to read what was written.

And with that, we have my finished project for August! I’m quite happy with the way this month’s spread turned out and I definitely think I will be using these stamps again in the future to create skylines in my journals! I can already imagine it in neon! I hope you enjoyed following the process of this journal spread and that you are inspired to try something similar in your own journals!

Thank you Jordan – love how the skyline glows with those yellow details!

Give it a try: you can find all my Foam Stamps in my Online Shop and in addition to some collage elements, here are some of the supplies Jordan used:

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Did you miss yesterday’s Pattern Monday video in the email? Let’s try it again, here is yesterday’s video:

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  • Michelle Jones


    Love love love this journal spread by Jordan Hill! This spread is A wonderful collaboration of ideas and creativity. Your blog brings a smile and a break form this busy crazy planet. Peace to you.


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Ode to a City – Art Journal

For this spread I used my new foam stamps and acrylic paints. These were actually all kinds of test stamp sheets for our product photos but I loved the vibrant colors and thought it would be fun to layer them up.

Here is Hydrant looking very cute in pink and of course Lady Liberty in green. I stamped both Powerhouse and Brownstone along with my Powerhouse Rubber Stamp and Brownstone Rubber Stamp.

I was journaling just random thoughts on why I love living in a city.

Here is Church and Row Houses too. I just layered them as I wanted and then added a double sided adhesive to the back and cut where the journal fold is so it would be easy to open and close.

Here are some of the supplies I used:

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Creative Squad: Good Morning Good Evening – Robin Seiz

Hello from my Creative Squad! Today we have some funky wrapping paper from Robin Seiz that is a work of art in and of itself using my Brownstone and Powerhouse foam stamps and Manhattan stencil. Our theme is: Good Morning Good Evening – Are you a Morning Person or a Night Owl? Or maybe neither? Create a project inspired by your preferred time of day – when you are in good spirits, doing what you love, and enjoying life.

Hello. This month’s theme, Good Morning, Good Evening, made me ponder the question, “Am I a morning or an evening person?” The answer is, BOTH. For me, it truly depends on the time of year. I am a gardener, so in the summer I love the morning. There is nothing more peaceful than going out to the garden early in the morning when the sun has just come up, and the birds are singing, and the dew is still on the leaves. When it’s hot, I move inside to the studio. In the winter, I tend to rise later and go to bed later. No matter what time of year, I love the glow of the sky when the sun rises and sets.

I used that glow as the inspiration for this project. I have quite a few special celebrations in August, and therefore, presents to wrap. I thought these new artfoamie stamps that Nathalie created would be perfect for making printed wrapping paper.

I dug out my 16 x 20 gelli plate, which I don’t use that often, but it’s a perfect size for larger printing projects like this. If you don’t have this size gelli plate, you can use whatever size plate you have and simply stamp it on your paper.

I cut 2 large pieces of white butcher paper (17” x 21”) or thereabouts, (I’m not much of a measurer) Next I generously applied Liquitex Unbleached Titanium, (which is a very opaque color) to the gelli plate. I used the brayer to spread it evenly, and pulled the first print and then a second print (also known as the ghost print).

I wanted a fun background for this paper and Nathalie’s Manhattan stencil was  perfect. I was looking for something with a great pattern and some open space because I wanted the background colors to show through the open spaces in the stamps. I chose Golden Naphthol Red Light, Yellow Ochre, and Pyrrole Red Light, which when combined, remind me of both sunrise and sunset. I put the stencil down and applied the paint randomly to the plate and used my brayer to completely cover the plate and the stencil. I lifted the stencil and repeated this process 4 times until the plate was completely covered. I did have to work relatively fast so the paint wouldn’t dry too fast. In retrospect, I could have used some Liquitex Slow-dri Blending Medium to help keep the paint open longer. (but I didn’t think of that in the moment) :o) I pulled the first print on the butcher paper. 

There was quite a bit of paint still left on the plate, but by now, it was dry. I spread a very thin coat of Liquitex Titanium White to the entire plate and pulled the ghost print.

I really liked the detail on the first print, but I felt the ghost print needed more color. I applied some Daniel Smith Gold Gesso with an old room key card. A little gold always adds a lot to any project! 

I always go to my color wheel to plan the colors for my projects. I decided on Versa Fine Clair Blue Belle for the ArtFoamies stamp color. Again, I don’t often measure things; I typically just “eyeball” it. I stamped the Brownstone on first print. I was happy with the way the colors came through the spaces in the stamp as I had planned. 

I wanted to use a different ArtFoamies stamp for the ghost print. I used Nathalie’s Powerhouse stamp. This ghost print came out with a grungy feel to it. I really love this distressed effect. 

Home made wrapping paper can be whatever you want it to be; it doesn’t have to be occasion specific. My experience is that the receiver often loves the paper so much they want to keep it. I hope you try this project and that you enjoy it! 

This is awesome wrapping paper Robin! Thanks for sharing and giving us some inspo for the upcoming holiday season too!

Give it a try: you can find all my Foam Stamps and Stencils in my Online Shop and here are some of the supplies Robin used:

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Time Traveler – Art Journal

“See… I am a time traveler… I travel 60 mins an hour to the future.”

For this art journal spread, I was playing with my new ArtFoamies on a Gelli Plate.

I rolled out magenta acrylic paint on my Gelli plate, then pushed the foam stamps into it to lift the paint and let it dry. Then I rolled out white paint on top and pulled a print while the paint was still wet – this takes off the dried paint as well. Also bits and pieces that were dried to the plate before I rolled out the magenta color came up too here and there and I love the grungy look that resulted.

Above you can see my Lady Liberty, Brownstone, and part of my Powerhouse foam stamps…

and here is Church peeking through some yummy grunginess.

I pasted these prints into my art journal and then also stamped some of the foam stamps inked up with Versafine ink in there too to add some other elements.

I used my E-Train rubber stamp with black archival ink for some detail and also my Love Knots rubber stamp with yellow ink from the Embroidery set.

Here are some of the supplies I used:

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City Scenes Votive Candles – DIY Play Date

Last week Kim and I got together for the first time since 2019 for one of our epic Play Dates!!! We had such a nice time gabbing and making art and just enjoying the experience of creating together. Our project? Votive candles using my NEW foam stamp designs! It was an easy peasy project to get us back in the groove and the results are very nice. Here’s how we did it:

The supplies are simple: my new foam stamps (Clockwise from the top they are Powerhouse, Church, Brownstone, Lady Liberty, Hydrant, and Row Houses), Grafix Dura-Lar matte film, black acrylic paint, brayer, double stick tape, LED votives, and scissors or a paper trimmer. We also dressed some up with Posca markers, but more on that in a bit ;)  The whole idea was to have the buildings and such silhouetted so that the light shines through all the details. Read on!

We started out by rolling black acrylic paint out on palette paper with a brayer. We both liked Carbon Black Golden Fluid Acrylic paint for this – a nice opaque black. Then we rolled it on the stamp (in this case, the Church stamp) and stamped it on the Grafix Dura-Lar matte plastic sheet – a matte white plastic that is kinda translucent with light behind it. You could also use a StampBuddy here too to ink up your stamps.

We left some room at the bottom of the film and stamped across the width, leaving room on either side to eventually tape the ends together. In this one I am stamping the Brownstone foam stamp.

Here I am inking up Lady Liberty

… for a nice impression :)

A lineup of Hydrant stamps… cue the dogs!

Keep in mind that when stamping on plastic film the surface is slick and the stamps can slide if you aren’t careful.

The Row Houses on the left turned out fine but I slipped a bit with Powerhouse on the right. We each had a couple misfires so plan on having some extra sheets of plastic just in case.

With some of the mistakes, we created masks to use in building up more complex, layered scenes – a great way to use those.

Kim stamped Row Houses and Brownstone and then used the masks to add Church to the background for a little streetscape.

Looks pretty neat all together like that.

I first stamped Church, then added Powerhouse, and then…

…I added Row Houses to the left…

And then I finished with Lady Liberty!

We created a variety of sheets to move on to the next step:

I broke out my new Dahle trimmer and we cut things down to size. We experimented with trimming some with a margin around the image – room for tape and a little lift off the ground.

We also fussy cut some for a different effect!

Looking pretty good there Lady Liberty! The choice is yours on how you want to trim them.

We also tried coloring some in with acrylic markers.

Here are some details in those stained glass windows.

Using double sided clear tape we got ready for the final assembly.

Coming together and holding tight with permanent tape.

Here are our City Scenes votives ready for illumination – LED lights must be used with these to be safe.

Let’s light them up!!!

For the taller ones you may want to use a taller LED votive or stack the votive on something inside the sheath.

Love this one that I fussy cut!!!

And now after dark…

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial and maybe you’re feeling inspired to make some foam stamped votives of your own. Please do!!! And I hope you join us back here for our next Play Date :)

Here are some of the supplies we used:

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Scary Either Way – Art Journal

“It’s scary when things change. It’s scary when things stay the same.”

Isn’t that the truth.

For this spread I just stamped with different versafine stamp pads using my new Foam Stamps like the Church. I also used some of my other stamps like the Solid Triangle Small from Triangle Love and the Fan-fare rubber stamp set.

I filled in some of the details with markers like here in the Brownstone foam stamp.

And here is the Powerhouse foam stamp with some details highlighted.

And here is Row Houses looking lovely in yellow.

Here is a tip – After using ink, clean your stamps with water and a soft brush to make sure ink does not transfer to your next project or other inkpads.

Here are some of the supplies I used:

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  • Sue Clarke


    You get such a clear and complete image when you stamp.
    I have had some luck using Julie’s suggestion to stamp with a mat underneath, but I still get bothered by incomplete images.
    Maybe it’s the “perfect” side of my brain. I continue to strive to let go. Nice new set of stamps Nat!


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