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Inspiration from Around the Globe

Ready for some inspiration? Today we have some projects from around the globe. It’s always fun to see how you’re using my stamps and stencils and I am so happy to share some examples today. So let me know if you’re doing something cool with my products, and you might see yours on the next Inspiration from Around the Globe!

First up is a super lovely and colorful art journal spread from Barbaree King in Florida. Her Creative JumpStart inspired page uses my circular Grove Street ArtFoamies stamps for an unexpected background.

Next we have an art journal spread from Jeannine Stein at Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine in Massachusetts. She’s created a lush background and stamped over it with my Brownstone and Lady Liberty stamps. Love it!!!

Here we have some awesome tissue paper stamping action by Sue Sharp from Canada! She drew inspiration from a lesson in Creative JumpStart and used the stamps from my Marks stamp set.

From the UK we have a gorgeous art journal spread from Frieda Oxenham with one of my favorite icons of the NYC skyline :) and 2 cool ways to use my Chicago stencil for the background and border.

And finally, a celebration of pattern in her art journal by Valerie Teele in California. She was playing along with Creative JumpStart and used my Manhattan and New Orleans stencils :)

I hope you enjoyed these projects and feel inspired to do some creative play yourself! Here are the stamps and stencils that were used:



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Made with Love: Foam Stamped Valentines

Last week Kim and I had another Craft Play Date, this time to make some Valentines. We pulled out my ArtFoamies and stamped all morning. It was super fun and easy and a very relaxing break from all the other deadlines I am chasing.

We used deli paper to make some simple heart shaped stencils for the cards.


Then we secured them over the cards with masking tape and started stamping.

I began with hot pink paint and a brayer on my Valley Road foam stamp.

Kim chose my Chicago and Chicago Mini stamps and some hot pink and red paints. She layered them all over her heart stencil.

It was fun to see the big reveal when we pulled off the stencil. Here is my Broadway foam stamp layered up.

We made some simple knowing that we’d add some more to them a bit later… Here is my Downtown foam stamp and a little bit of Grove Street in the pale pink.

Next we tried layering solids with the stamps…

And just played with lots of yummy layers and texture.


I added outlines and some scribbly stuff with a couple calligraphy pens…

Including this new Kuretake Bimoji brush pen that has a nice firm tip.

We stamped the edges…

…and just had fun with it.

We turned my ArtFoamies all shades of pink and red for Valentines Day.

Here are some of the deli paper stencils afterwards – they look pretty cool too!

And a big variety of Valentines (and of course matching envelopes) for all our sweethearts :)

Some simple – this one just the two Central Avenue foam stamps…

Some on the wild side with all kinds of yummy layering with my Grove Street stamp…

… and some just beautiful happy accidents (with my Van Vorst stamps) that just occur when you let loose and have fun with the process!

Here are some of the supplies we used:

I hope you are now inspired to try some foam stamped cards for your Valentines this year :)







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Do it Anyway – Art Journal

Be scared and do it anyway …it’s a good motto don’t you think?

In a recent class I had shown my Valley Road Foam Stamps stamped with acrylic paint and then added some blocks of acrylic paint partly over them here and there for a background.

I tried out some of the Finnabair Alchemy Wax – love it- it actually dries permanently and you can see the red/brown areas on the art journal page which are created by rubbing some of the wax on.

I also made some marks with my new Tom Norton tool and walnut ink and it was all in all a playful spread trying out new supplies – fun, fast and educational :)

Are are some of the supplies I used besides Acrylic paints:

did you get some new art supplies over the holidays?

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  • Sue Clarke


    Yes to new supplies and I’ve been making a paint mess on my kitchen table!


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Hope is what keeps us going – Art Journal

This started as a page where I had scraped off some paint at the back of my art journal and while the color combination was first not striking and now feel it works quite well :)

I painted over a magazine image with Neopastels and used my new My Home is my Castle numerals stamps as well as some of the building stamps from the Stroll Around The Block set.

I included the Hope – and Love Tag into the journaling. I like how the buildings stamped with white ink are playing well with the the marks and stamping of the background.

Here are some of the supplies I used for this art journal page.

have a wonderful day!!!

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Up in the Air

Sometimes everything is up in the air …but you gotta just keep on going …

I mixed up stamping the patterned and solid sides of my Midtown Foam Stamp Set buildings with some Stroll Through The Hood buildings and hand painted buildings. I used various acrylic paint colors to stamp with the foam stamps and pain the buildings.

I painted over some area with a light gesso wash which helped making the fine lined stamps show better

I like how this came together and it is fun to use the Midtown Set from both sides- so many possibilities.

Besides acrylic paint , I used the following supplies for this spread:

Have a gorgeous day!

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Keep Your Eyes on the Price – Art Journal

Another sketch on deli paper with ink and a bamboo sketching pen which I pasted into my art journal.

I used the Grove Street Foam Stamps with the Artgraf Primary set- oh gosh – I love how the blue and yellow mixed into the green. Simply rub the graphite blocks onto your slightly wet foam stamps, mist it again and stamp.

I mixed the titanium acrylic paint with a hint of blue and stenciled it through the Amsterdam Stencil.

Love how the different paint media, flat and dimensional, shiny and matte work together.

Here are some of the supplies I used

Hope you had a wonderful week and you are ready for the weekend. Watch this place for the next couple days- there is a lot of stuff coming up – starting tomorrow :)

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  • Karen Bearse


    Very cool art journal page! Love how the colors blend on the foamies.


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      Thank you so much Karen- it is really fun to blend different paint media on the ArtFoamies that are not acrylic paint- so many possibilities here.


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Integrity – Art Journal Spread

This was another spread that I had started in a class to show some techniques and when I came home I finished it up

I used Derwent Art Bars on top of my Grove Street Pos and Negative Foam Stamps 

Simply wet the foam stamps a bit, rub any water soluble wet wax bars/sticks on top of the stamp and then mist the stamp again and stamp. I love the effect.

The lady was sketched with ink and then used some Neo pastels to add some color to her hair and clothing. Love how this came together from a kind of raw weird class sample page :)

Here are some of the supplies I used for this spread.

Have a wonderful day!!!

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Foam Stamped Ho-Ho-Holiday Cards

Last week Kim and I got into the holiday spirit a little early and made some stamped cards with my newest ArtFoamies.

We had some craft paper card and envelope sets, my ArtFoamies foam stamps, a whole bunch of acrylic paint, brayers, and some deli paper or palette paper.

First Kim used my Broadway Positive Negative foam stamps and made a few cards for Thanksgiving – one of my favorite upcoming holidays (hosting again this year woot woot!).

We didn’t limit ourselves to the typical holiday colors – here I am doing a card with my Valley Road Positive Negative set and just decided to go with purple. Why not?

We overlapped and mixed colors and here used my Central Avenue Positive Negative stamps for a modern card. Maybe it’s a snowflake or Christmas ornaments or just festive and fun :)

We went a little nuts and both made enough cards for just about everyone on our lists. Here I layered up the Downtown Positive Negative stamps and used a bit of metallic paint.

I love how intricate this design is. Maybe I will go back to this card as I got a bit too much paint on the stamp. It will not go to waste.

Kim chose an unusual arrangement for this card using my Exchange Place stamp and some mauve and purple paint. She could write a personalized message in the corner when she’s ready to send.

It was easy to stamp out a bunch at a time.

Kim lined up the edges of a few cards and stamped them at once to get the designs moving off the edge of the paper.

In the end I decided to add a message on this one (stamped with my Van Vorst Positive Negative stamps), using an Opount envelope addressing guide.

I dressed this one (used the Grove Street Positive Negative stamps) up with a bit of black pen to look like an ornament.

At the end of our play date we had made a bunch of cards for all the upcoming holidays! It was quick and easy and took a little of the stress of the season away knowing we have them ready to go!

Here are some of the supplies we used (some are affiliate links):

Hope you enjoyed our HO-HO-Holiday playdate :) We already have some fun project lined up for the December one.

Comments (2)

  • Sue Clarke


    I especially love the one that is a purple ornament.
    Fun fun fun creating right there!


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      Thank you Sue- it was super fun and so easy too – stress free holiday card making in this case :)


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She wished she could go back ….

“She wished she could go back to her younger self and tell her “It’s ok, to be weird, you’ll be fine” ”

This was a demo page from a class and I blocked in some color here and there and stamped with my new Exchange Place ArtFoamies Stamp. I added some stenciling with translucent acrylic paints using my Versailles Stencils – love how this turned out. I added some stamping with my Embroidery stamps to add some more even mark making using different colors of Archival Ink Pads- love those.

I painted the lady with acrylic paints neopastels and used some of the neopastels also here and there on the spread and scratched some writing into it.

I like how the lines of the Exchange Place Stamp and the floral Versailles Stencil work together.

Here are the supplies I used:

Hope you enjoy this page- have a wonderful day!

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