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ArtCollab -Episode 5 and Upcoming

Thank you to all who joined us for the ArtCollab Episode 5 zoomcast – Sarah and I loved having you for our chat about The Art of Self Care. Did you miss it? Don’t worry, you can watch a recording of it below and also read about our next episode, coming up on Tuesday, August 3rd.

Here is what we covered:

In this episode, Sarah and I talk about the importance of Self Care and we offer our tips on how to rest and reset so that we can be our best selves. The past year has left many of us feeling overwhelmed, and now with everything opening back up we are again feeling the pressure to do it all. Even if you love your job, are busy pursuing your dreams, or are balancing a very full plate, making time for yourself is crucial to your health, your ability to care for others, and your ability to make art.

How you make time for yourself and what you do to relax is a personal thing and may take some time to figure out. Living in the moment, reclaiming your vacation time, making art just for yourself, trying new hobbies and types of art, chatting with friends in person, reconnecting with loved ones, and maybe just enjoying the silence are all things to try. The important thing is that you make the time – schedule it and don’t give it up. Self Care is not selfish.

Upcoming Episode:

Join us for Episode 6: Pass the Brush – Tuesday, August 3rd at 12noon EDT (NYC time)

In this episode Sarah and Nat are meeting with Pass the Brush organizer Rachel Juanita Bellamy. In 2020 the Pass the Brush event paired up Sarah and Nat and it prompted them to get to know each other better. Pretty soon they had forged a lovely new friendship and jumped into several creative projects together (including these ArtCollab zoomcasts). They will chat with Rachel about the benefits of artistic collaboration, the importance of elevating others, what has changed since the Pass the Brush event last year, and what challenges remain. Tune in to join us and contribute to the conversation with Questions and in the Chat.

Register HERE to Attend

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Spill your heART – Episode 5 and Upcoming

Did you join us for the latest episode of Spill your heART? If not, you can enjoy the recording below. In Episode 5 we discussed the topic: Studio Organization with my panel of artists: Rachel Juanita Bellamy, Rae Missigman, and Tania Ahmed. In the episode we share photos and stories from our own working studios, we discuss the challenges we still struggle with, and we share solutions that we use to keep our spaces as organized and functional as possible so that we can easily create when it’s time. Check it out:

Here’s an overview:

In this 5th episode I am speaking with panelists Rachel Juanita Bellamy, Rae Missigman, and Tania Ahmed for our topic: Studio Organization. As working artists our studios need to wear a lot of hats and studio organization and functionality are important to how we work, film, and create products. Some of us have spaces that are in our homes and are shared with other family members while others have dedicated spaces where supplies can spread out and stay out for days. Regardless of their location or size, our studios are set up to make working and playing easy, inspired, and a joy in our lives. In this episode we share our tips for organizing papers and other supplies, we talk about cleaning, we explain if and when we purge supplies, we bond over stories of family members “borrowing” our tools, and we reveal the realities of how our studios actually look. Although we are professionals, we all have our weaknesses and struggles when it comes to Studio Organization but through the years we have found ways to use our spaces to our advantage, and we share that experience with you.

Join us for the next one on July 30th:

Episode 6: Artistic Inspiration – Finding the Magic

Join me along with panelists Birgit Koopsen, Amanda Trought, and DeeDee Catron as we discuss that all important but sometimes elusive ingredient to creativity: Inspiration. As professional artists we will share practical tips for finding and energizing your artistic mojo. We’ll also discuss how to encourage it when it gets sluggish, takes a temporary hiatus or when it goes completely missing. Whether you are looking to cultivate inspiration naturally or to take more deliberate actions to get back into the groove, this webinar will focus on tips and tricks for locating, encouraging, and maybe even fabricating artistic inspiration so that you can get on with things and make the magic happen.

Friday, July 30th at 12noon EDT (NYC time) – Register HERE to attend.

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ArtCollab -Episode 4 and Upcoming

Thank you to all who joined us for the ArtCollab Episode 4 zoomcast – Sarah and I loved having you there as we discussed our topic Art is Serious, Craft is Fun. Wow – what an episode, right?!? We laughed AND cried and it got very personal and it felt like we were truly talking BIG IDEAS in this one. Did you miss it? Don’t worry, you can watch a recording of it below.

Here is what we covered:

In this episode Sarah and I talk about that classic creative debate Art vs Craft and how it affects and influences how we work and what we make. Sarah shares her frustrations with having to make the distinction between art and craft in her own work. Nat feels that art and craft work together in what she is doing and explains, “There is no art without craft.” We talk about craft and craftsmanship as a set of skills, learned from another artist/culture/source and when we make it our own we feel we are creating art, and that sometimes comes with our desire to honor the source of inspiration. 

We look at artwork that has touched us and made us aware of new stories and perspectives and then we also share some of our own artwork that has made people react and feel (both positively and negatively). We discuss how art can be a mirror of our experiences, an expression of ideas and emotions, a way to facilitate thought and discourse, and fuel for curiosity. Our conversation gets intense as we share our desire and conviction to use art as a platform and tool for facilitating the discussion of important and sometimes difficult topics.

Upcoming Episode:

Join us for Episode 5: The Art of Self Care – Tuesday, July 6 at 12noon EDT(NYC time)

Let’s not forget to take time to breathe, reset, and make sure that our artistic practice is aligning with our purpose. It is time to talk about the Art of Self Care! As artists we have a go go go mentality and frequently wear many different hats as we juggle various projects, obligations, and revenue streams. When you are this busy, it is easy to forget to take breaks, but we are here to remind you that self care is crucial to success. We’ll discuss how to make sure rest is a part of the schedule and share our personal favorite ways to take a break. Most importantly, we’ll talk about how rest can help refine your focus as an artist – allowing you a moment to reflect on what you are creating, why you are creating, and any adjustments that you might need to make.

Register HERE to Attend

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Pattern Monday 04 – Video from my Ledger

Happy Monday everyone – time for another pattern in my big vintage ledger! For this one I used my Triangle Love and Small Circle Jumble stamps. Just two stamps and a pretty cool pattern :) Check it out in the following video:


Here is a look at the finished pattern and the stamps I used:

Want to give it a try? Here are the supplies I used:

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Spill your heART – Episode 4 and Upcoming

Did you join us for the latest episode of Spill your heART? If not, you can enjoy the recording below. In Episode 4 we tackled the topic: What’s the Point – Purpose vs Journey with my panel of artists: Marsha Valk, Gwen Lafleur, and Mystele Kirkeeng. In the episode we discuss our own artistic journeys and all the twists and turns they take, we share what we do with all the stuff we create, and we talk about how it feels to let go of certain pieces. Check it out:

Here’s an overview:

As artists we often get asked what is the purpose of creating our art. In this episode, Marsha ValkGwen LafleurMystele Kirkeeng and I share our perspectives on the importance of the journey of creating. We all agree – the process can be more important than the end result. Each of us takes a moment to describe our current journeys and they range from playful enjoyment, teaching, design assignments, or something personal. One thing is clear: the journey changes and develops over time and it is not a straight line.

We talk about what we do with it all when we are done (keep, sell, gift, or even toss), the burden of keeping things (both mentally and physically), and our storage methods and limitations. We share how letting stuff go can be hard for some, but for others this isn’t an issue. Sometimes things that represent an emotional journey can be especially hard to release until we have worked through that journey as well. When it comes to selling, who buys the work can be exciting and touching too and it adds to the story of the artwork, and connects us as human beings.

Finally we talk about maintaining focus on our art, juggling responsibilities, and stepping away when necessary.

Next Episode:

Coming Soon: This time I’m getting together with Tania Ahmed, Rachel Juanita Bellamy, and Rae Missigman for Episode 5: Studio Organization. Join us on Friday, June 25th at 12noon EDT. Register here today.

Let’s talk about Studio Organization! This is a topic that came up again and again in a recent survey I posted to my readers, so in this Spill your heART episode we’ll be tackling the issues you mentioned most. Join my panelists Tania AhmedRae Missigman, and Rachel Juanita Bellamy as we address the problems of studio organization, supply overload, and what to do when you’ve got stuff all over the place. We’ll discuss general organization including the pros and cons of keeping supplies visible and creating sections, and we’ll debate whether a tidy studio is a good studio or a messy one is the real deal. Big space / small space, shared space / dedicated space, in your home / offsite – it all informs how you organize and create.

Friday, June 25th at 12noon EDT – Register HERE to attend.

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ArtCollab -Episode 3 and Upcoming

Thank you to all who joined us for the ArtCollab Episode 3 zoomcast – Sarah and I loved having you there as we talked about our topic “I can’t do it” and how to get past that mindset and move to a much more healthy and productive one. Although we try to cover some big topics of discussion, we also just love getting together, joking around, and sharing a nice time with all of you. Check it out:

Here is what we covered:

In this third episode we kick things off by sharing some of the April ArtFoamies Challenge posts from Instagram. Then we jump right into our topic for the day and talk about how our own similar life experiences have helped us move past the negative mindset of “I can’t do it.” We also offer additional suggestions on how to get beyond it such as just jumping in, starting small, and using accountability with a partner or friend who you share your goals with. We discuss how the TV show The Great Pottery Throwdown actually has some really useful lessons in it with regards to this topic, and we talk about the benefits of taking classes in a new discipline and how you can always get something out of the experience. Finally, we both agree that as soon as someone says, “You can’t do that”, that is the ultimate motivation. To close, we share what we made with the items from the boxes we exchanged last episode and we introduce the topic for Episode 4.

Join us for Episode 4: Art is Serious, Craft is Fun – Tuesday, June 1 at 12noon EDT(NYC time)

We’ll be tackling that big debate: What is Art and what is Craft? Is there even a difference? What do the two terms mean to us? Everyone has different ideas about this topic and we want to discuss this live and see where it goes. We’ll talk about how our definitions may influence what we create and why we create, and how we perceive and react to audience expectations. Finally we’ll look at some art that may make us uncomfortable (or not) and chat about those feelings.

Register to join.

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Spill your heART – Episode 3 and Upcoming

Wow – did you catch the latest episode of Spill your heART? If not, you can enjoy the recording below. In Episode 3 we tackled the topic: Social Media – Taming the Beast with my stellar panel of artists: Jimmy Leslie, Iris Fritschi-Cussens, and Julie Fei-Fan Balzer. It was an informative but also super fun time to chat with these 3 professionals on their take.

Recap: In this Spill your heART webinar we talk about why we use social media, how we set boundaries, our own ways of dealing with comparison, the importance of meaningful interaction, and the question of authenticity. Hear 4 different perspectives on Social Media, and how we “Tame the Beast” as professionals, artists, business owners, and human beings.

Whenever you miss an episode or want to revisit, you can find recordings of past episodes and info about upcoming Spill your heART episodes here in the Community section of my website. To always have the latest news on webinars, be sure to sign up for my monthly newsletter here.

Next Episode:

Coming Soon: This time I’m getting together with Gwen Lafleur, Mystele Kirkeeng, and Marsha Valk to talk about why we make art with Episode 4: What’s the Point – Purpose vs Journey. Join us on Friday, May 28th at 12noon EDT. Register here today.

We will discuss What’s the Point – why are we making art? Are you creating for a purpose or is your goal to focus on the journey? Are you somewhere in between? Everybody creates for a different reason and as professional artists (and hobby artists too) that may include a blend of reasons. We’ll explore the why and then also the aftermath – what do you do with it all afterwards. Selling, personal collections, gifts, the closet, and the trash will all be on the table.

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Creating a Zine with Marsha Valk – StencilGirl Talk

After tuning into Marsha Valk’s 100 day vlog on her instagram, I was so stoked to see her take the project one step further with this awesome gelli printed zine she shared on StencilGirl Talk here this week. She creates a charming little book of prints that is like one of her daily vlog posts, but in print form with tons of stencils, gelli plate printing techniques, and of course her cool signature style. Check out the video:


The outcome is a nifty permanent record of daily life these days – something tangible as an archive. I loved seeing the different subjects that have become so familiar in Marsha’s vlog, finding a place in the prints: that cup of hot deliciousness, her feet out on a walk, her workspace and so on. And watching her build her backgrounds with different stencils – including some of my own like Signals and New Orleans – is a nice zen moment that I hope you enjoy too :)

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  • marsha.


    Oh wow! Thanks for sharing, Nat! I enjoyed making this zine so much! It was fun and simple to make and as you said I recorded a little moment in time!


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ArtCollab – Episode 2 – Challenge Accepted

Our latest episode was such a fun time with my friend Sarah Matthews. We were talking about the topic of challenges and it was great to have the live audience along to ask questions and chime in with their experiences as well. Watch the recording:

ArtCollab – Episode 2 – In this live zoomcast we discuss why we do challenges, how to have fun with them (and not stress), and all the benefits we get out of them as artists. We share our latest collaboration – the April ArtFoamies Challenge (as we are both ArtFoamies stamp designers) that we put together for the month of April. We show you our artwork so far, explain some of our creative choices and the other challenges we encountered along the way, we talk about why we wanted to collaborate on a challenge in the first place, and why you don’t need a reason to create.

We also chat about thrifting, our love for vintage items, the enjoyment we get out of our artistic journey, and at the end we surprise each other with boxes we sent each other for the next ArtCollab ZoomCast.

Follow the April ArtFoamies Challenge on Nat’s Instagram and Sarah’s Instagram

Sign up for my Newsletter for info on the next episode – New episodes are LIVE so we hope you tune in :)

You can find info and watch past episodes of ArtCollab in the Community section of my website HERE.

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