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Color Your City Event – Winsor & Newton Pigment Marker

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A couple of weeks ago I was invited to attend an event by Winsor & Newton for the launch of their new Pigment Marker. Since all colorful new art supplies attract me like shiny objects the magpie – I was super excited to go with my friend Kim.


The event took place at the Society of Illustrators in NYC. Several wonderful and well known illustrators were showcased with their work using the new Pigment Markers and even did some life drawing. Will Broome did these adorable figures.


The images below by Thomas Cian were my favorite – I love the collage like effect he draw – sooo cool!




I also loved these by Katie Rodgers – the colors and the beautiful little specks that add some texture <3 – she uses sometimes glitter or gesso or other media on top of the Pigment Marker or Watercolor when she illustrates.



I loved that we were able to play with the new Pigment Markers. Here is Kim giving them a try. She and I totally loved the white and clear blender Pigment Marker which give a huge possibility while drawing – creating nice tints and blending colors together. The talent around us was amazing … you could definitely tell who was there for the food and drinks and who was there for playing and seeing some beautiful illustrations ;)




Mara Louise Cespon did the one below- gorgeous color and swwooooonnnnn, so inspiring – and I think above (I apologize if not)


I will show you soon how I played a bit with my new sets of Pigment Markers even though they are not acrylics (psshhhh don’t tell anyone ;) ) – they are wonderful especially on more glossy paper – think of awesome possibilities with coloring stamped images!


It was a fun, colorful and sparking event!

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With Liquitex at The Michaels Leadership Conference


Last week I headed with Liquitex and Winsor & Newton to Dallas for the Michaels Leadership Conference. Michaels Store Managers from all of North America come to this conference and part of is is to attend  an exhibition to learn more about the newest products they sell in their stores.


Liquitex was showing their new awesome Mixed Media Kits which show some of my artwork on the packaging and I was super duper stoked that I was asked to demo the contents and display some of my artwork at the show.


It was a very interesting show and the questions differed a lot from those of the retail or trade shows I have been working at so far. This show was mostly about Education. And as you know – I love teaching and get people excited about the things I love. I loved the enthusiasm of the attendees about the products and we played a lot in the booth – like here with Pouring Medium ….that bowl that was so much fun! Too bad we couldn’t take it back with us – the paints were so thick in there- it would have taken a couple weeks to cure.


And I had the best girls with me at the booth – they took so good care of me and I had a blast working with them!


gosh what better day when dabbling my hands in paint in my art journal and on mini canvases all day  – I was in a pretty happy place there !


We also had to get up pretty pretty early and the days were long…the result of which ended in amazing drawings like this one by Liquitex and Winsor & Newton ‘s Resident Artist Jimmy Leslie .


I might have “stolen” the sketch from him – LOL. Jimmy does amazing Sketches  (his sketchbook is basically a diary with cool drawings- he shows those often on twitter – so go and follow him if you want to see) and he used the new Winsor & Newton Water Colour Markers – awesome stuff – can’t wait to play with them myself


Mario A. Robinson was also there demoing the water markers and water colors, and I was just in awe by his amazing work – and personality! You can follow him on Facebook or Twitter– his paintings are amazing and he also teaches a lot of classes !


His Lady Liberty…might have fallen also into my suitcase – so so so cool!


It was awesome to hang out with all those wonderful artists and share time and talk. In fact this was my highlight of the show – I felt inspired when I came home and I couldn’t wait to get into the studio.

And Nat…What about Dallas? …Yeah…what about it? Well…I have not seen ANYTHING besides the hotel, the booth and the highway back and forth to the airport . But …that might change next month when I come back to Dallas to teach at the CREATE Mixed Media Event !



I will show loads of fun Mixed Media Techniques in all my workshops and for sure use a lot of Liquitex Products! so I hope I see some of you there and I hope I will at least see a tiny bit of Dallas .

Have a creative day


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  • Marjie Kemper


    Looks like an awesome experience. I just listened to the podcast… holy moley, you gals were working BIG and it was so interesting to listen to you both being so candid. Big hugs!


  • Jackie P Neal


    Wow Nat- I hadn’t even heard of those other artists thank you for turning me on to them! And again congrats on your art on those packages- what an honor and validation!! Love the boxes- might have to buy one of each so I can say I own a piece of your art! teeheehee


  • Sue Clarke


    Love the Lady Liberty. It would make a cool stencil.
    I can’t wait to get one of these kits at my local Michael’s.
    How exciting to see your art on the box!!!


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My Favorite Mixed Media Essentials: 1. Acrylic Paints

Hands down my all time Mixed Media Essential is Acrylic Paint.

I had a very intense acrylic paint phase a couple of years ago and then I guess I needed a break and neglected those beauties for spray paints for a while. But I am so glad I came back to them!

What I love about Acrylic Paints is:

  • they are fast drying
  • generally cheap – or at least long-lasting even if it is a bit more pricey
  • they have a plastic like surface (due to the plastic polymer emulsion)
  • they can be thinned with water and that could make them almost look like water-color in some cases
  • they are permanent once dried
  • they cover surfaces if opaque
  • you can use other paint media on top of acrylic paints
  • you can use some fun media with them for amazing backgrounds and textures
  • you can create amazing backgrounds and texture with solely acrylic paints

Here are some examples:

beautiful easy background – that can be also used for a scrapbooking layout:

background and texture with acrylic paints:

background and texture using other media and cheap supplies:

texture creating on a scrapbooking layout:

creating some fun handmade embellishments and use it for some accents on a layout:

using them with other acrylic media

using it on difficult surface – like acrylic pages of a minialbum

using acrylic paint to make embellishments your own

Pretty amazing what you can do with acrylic paints, isn’t it? And there is way more!!! So yes – just because of it’s versatility it knocks me off my socks and is my all time favorite essential :)

Which acrylic paints I use:

Here comes a saying that I learned when studying law : “It depends” – LOL. Nice one, huh?

Well, I used a lot of acrylic paints. And over the last couple years I learned what I like and what I do not like.What I like, doesn’t have to be necessary what you like.  so just take it as my thoughts and my preferences, ok?

  • So first of all let’s state that I like good quality artist paints. Because I learned over the years that especially when working in an art journal for example that they aren’t that tacky as a lot of the cheaper non artist ones.
  • I also love good quality artist paints because the color shift between wet and dry is not that high. I love to see how my work might look like when it is dry while I’m still working with my paints. I had many disappointments in the past where I was thinking a nice bright red was rocking my socks and then it was dry and a dark bloody mess as the paint shifted a lot when it dried.
  • Highly pigmented colors go a longer way and they are usually also more beautiful. They also can be buffed for a great glossy finish- which for me also is mostly true for more expensive artist paints.
  • I love texture and I love to create texture with paints – so I prefer thicker colors – I can also just thin them down if I want – and so I am a big Lover of Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic Paints. I also like Winsor & Newton especially when it comes to their translucent acrylic paints. A good bargain and a very good quality are alos the Liquitex Basic Acrylic Paints.


I hope you liked this post- let me know what you think. Next up is Gesso.

huge hugs



If you want to learn more about acrylic paints- check out my Über*Media Acrylic Paint Online Workshop

Comments (4)

  • scrappegal


    Lovely inspiration projects you are showing! Thanks for sharing!


  • Sue Clarke


    Easter 1928 is such an elegant LO Nat.
    Thanks for the paint info. I believe that you were the first to inspire me to even try using paint on a LO. Tons of fun and extra special in my art journal. I love the Liquitex tubes since they come in small sizes which are good for travel.


  • Jessica Sporn


    I used to favor watercolor over everything else but have fallen in love with acrylic paint — especially since discovering Golden Fluid acrylics. xo


  • mjmarmo


    Love the many ways you use the paint!


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