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Sent With Love – Cards

I have been on a card making kick lately with my new #keepyouposted rubber stamps. I thought I’d share so you can see what I’m up to.

I used the LOVE stamp and the Blank Postage stamp from the set along with a rainbow of Moonlight Duo ink pads and just filled the front of the card – The LOVE stamp is designed to fit nicely inside the Blank Postage.

Here’s a card idea for your sweetheart – the LOVE and the Sent with Love stamps:

And then I mixed it up and paired it with a stamp from my Floral Tile Small set – also works really well together:

It’s never a bad time to send someone a note and these days it makes everyone feel good. Hope you try these patterns and send a couple cards to someone you love :)

Here are some of the supplies I used:

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We Got the Power – Art Journal

“Somewhere inside of all of us is the power to change the world.” Roald Dahl

And now is the perfect time to use this power… and VOTE.

I created my scene using acrylic paints and gouache and acrylic markers. A lot of hot colors here to give this one some power ;)

For my quote I chose a calligraphy pen.

And then that all important Ballot Box stamp from my #keepyouposted rubber stamp set. 

Here are some of the supplies I used:

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Keeping You Posted – Cards

I was playing around with my new #keepyouposted rubber stamp set and found myself making cards. For the one shown above I used a masking technique to create a layered look.

I wanted to have my mail truck stamp over some of the word stamps, without collaging. It’s easy – here’s how:

First I stamped my cute truck (I just adore these distinctive US mail trucks – so unique looking!) where I wanted it on my card. Next I stamped the truck onto some scrap paper and fussy cut it out. Then I put some repositionable adhesive on the back – I like E-Z Dots. This is my mask.

With the mask stuck onto my card on top of the truck image I stamped my background and overlapping the masked area with with my “You are my No.1 Priority” stamp.

Then I removed my mask  – clean and easy peasy. I also added some color using a very nice new set of EMOTT Mitsubishi pens in the links below – love how they work for fine detail and intense color.

Here are a couple others I made, all with stamps from the #keepyouposted set: 

Are you sending cards through the mail these days too? I definitely had a ton of fun with those. 

Here are some of the supplies I used:

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VOTE Cards

This is my first Presidential Election and so a ballot box really had to go into this stamp set. I thought it would be nice to use my new Ballot Box stamp in my #keepyouposted set to send out some cards to remind folks to get out and vote. Then I just had fun playing :)

I used my Ballot Box and also the Blank Postage Stamp and a colorful selection of Moonlight Duo ink pads…

I even added my Solid Square Small stamp for a pop of red (red, white, and blue!)

Then I played with my Star Tag, Solid Square Large, and stamps from the #keepyouposted set. Getting my pattern groove on!

And then some more stars…

So all my friends here in the US – get out there and vote!!! And tell your friends also… maybe with some new stamps lol

Here are some of the supplies I used:

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NEW Rubber Stamp Set – #KeepYouPosted

Happy to share this new set with you today as it was pretty important for me to design this one. I call it #KeepYouPosted and I think you can get the gist about it.

It includes 8 different cling rubber stamps, a mixture of text and graphic ones and some that are really appropriate right now…. but if you think about it, these messages are totally timeless. Check it out HERE. It might also get you into the big Mail Art craze that is going on right now because these guys are perfect for cards and envelopes!

Here is the set:

I made some small tags so you can see how they look and also how some of them work together:

The Blank Postage Stamp design can accommodate some of the other designs inside to make a faux postage stamp design. It’s also fun to put your own thing in that frame. And the Ballot Box is just such an important reminder now.

I love the USPS trucks here – such a unique vehicle – I had to capture that. And #savetheusps, well you know ;)

Sent with Love is such a classic. And I send out a LOT of Priority boxes so I thought a play off that would also be nice. Why not send a special note to your No. 1 Priority?

My LOVE stamp looks good on its own or in the frame.

Here is the whole bunch – tons of fun to mix these up. Anybody else want to spend the whole day making cards???

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