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Stay Gentle – Art Journal

For this spread I used the Star Struck stencil that was still wet from applying spray paint over it for the It’s Worth It art journal page. I flipped it over and pressed it onto the next page in the ledger, which created an uneven reverse print, mostly visible with the green structure of the stencil on the top right. I love getting inspired by something I was working on earlier and not just starting on a blank canvas, so to speak.

My first idea was to stamp into the Star Struck areas with my Triangle Love stamps and some Versafine – which worked out nicely but it was a bit off. So I layered the Star Struck stencil back on top, basically covering up what I had printed before and used the same colors yet again but tried to spare most of the area that was stamped.

I love the effect and I definitely want to play more with the flip flop stencil technique :) There is also a slight dimension to the built up spray paints which is hard to see in the photos, but I love it and I think I want to explore this a bit more on some of my bigger paintings as well as for the backgrounds.

Here are some of the supplies I used:

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Summer Dreams – Art Journal

I was really dreaming of summer while I played with this page in my art journal, right as we had another cold spell here.

I enjoyed having a little pattern play with some stamps from my Triangle Love set, my Mini Motifs set, and the Solid Hex Small rubber stamp too. Isn’t it fun to see how they all fit together? I used Versafine ink pads for the stamping.

My journaling was done on some blank, transparent washi tape that I just love – but still don’t remember where I got it.

I drew the face with a bamboo sketching pen (a favorite drawing tool of mine) and acrylic ink on deli paper. I adhered the sketch with fluid matte medium and really let the pattern shine through.

Here are some of the supplies I used:

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Doesn’t Hurt You – Art Journal

This one would have probably turned out a bit better if I had used different colors for the different stamps – maybe rainbow colors – but it was fun to explore and I really love some of the elements.

I used the Versailles stamps in the Floral Tile Small set with yellow and brown inks, the Solid Triangle Small stamp and the Amsterdam Triangle from the Triangle Love set, as well as the Valley Road stamp from the Large Circle Jumble set. I do think a different circle stamp would have worked better with the Versailles and Amsterdam stamps but I am glad I tried – I had lots of fun making this page. And even though you might not like it… it doesn’t hurt you! LOL

Here are some of the supplies I used:

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Judgement Day – Art Journal

“We need less people thinking they are the powers on Judgement Day”

I wanted to pick up the way I created the pattern for the Hypocrites art journal page, but this time I chose different patterns out of each stamp set – my Large Circle JumbleTriangle Love, and Floral Tile Small rubber stamp sets.

I stamped right onto the background with black archival ink and then used Daniel Smith watercolors on top. This works because the archival ink is waterproof.

Then like the Hypocrite page I did a sketch with muted violet ink on deli paper, added some white acrylic paint into the ink to add to the face and make the background less prominent, after I added the deli paper to the background with liquid matte medium.

For the journaling I used the tissue paper-like strips with adhesive backing that I found recently. I still don’t remember where they came from and what they are. I wish I did as I am growing found of them LOL

Here are some of the supplies I used:

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Hypocrites – Art Journal

“People say ‘Keep your chin up’ while gently pushing down your head.”

Using a credit card, I put down some colors with different viscosities – heavy body Liquitex white acrylic paint, soft body gold and blue acrylic paint, as well as some yellow acrylic ink, picking it up with the card and scraping the colors partly into each other. The white heavy body paint stayed wet and pliable for a longer time making for some really nice grungy marks.

After the paints dried I added different stamps, my Large Circle Jumble, Triangle Love, and Floral Tile Small rubber stamps, to create a pattern.

Then I sketched with a bamboo sketching pen and muted violet ink on deli paper.

As the background was very dark and prominent – unlike in the Things Change art journal page – I added some white acrylic paint mixed into the violet ink in a thin manner so that the background would still look through but not take over and “hide” the sketch. I adhered it with gel fluid medium.

Here are some of the supplies that I used:

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Pack of Dogs – Art Journal

“Sometimes I feel like a fire hydrant looking at a pack of dogs.”

As I was moving, packing and unpacking my studio, I swore to myself to use what I have which includes the huge stack of collage material in one of my letter press drawers. So here I am… sticking to my self made promise.

The background is from a gelli plate print – lifting off paint I had applied to it with my Hydrant foam stamp.

Next I added some collage paper I made in the Time Traveler workshop with Birgit and Marsha, one of the techniques I show in the workshop that resembles old peeled wallpaper. Then I added some sewing pattern paper and stamping with my Triangle Love rubber stamp set.

As for the journaling, that is a reflection on a recent phase… Happy to say the fire hydrant made it and is not drowning ;)

Here are some of the supplies I used:

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  • Sue Clarke


    What a fun page Nat.
    We have fake fire hydrants at our dog park and we joke that the dogs from MA have to teach the dogs from NH how to use them.
    Most areas in NH do not have fire hydrants (our fire engines suck up water from local ponds to fill their tanks).


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Creative Squad: My Kindred Spirit – Jordan Hill

Hello from my Creative Squad! Today we have a post from Jordan Hill who is sharing her unique take on our theme this month by working on an old playing card with my Triangle Love stamp set. Our theme is: My Kindred Spirit – Animals are often symbols of qualities that we humans identify with, so let’s take some inspiration from them this month. Do you have an animal whose characteristics you identify with? Maybe it changes depending on your mood or what life throws. Who is your Kindred Spirit in the animal kingdom today?

Hello everyone! I’m excited to be back with a new project for the month of April! I had a lot of internal debate on which animal I wanted to focus on for this month’s theme; however, since I’ve always loved amphibians and the symbolism surrounding snakes (the idea of rebirth and new beginnings), I decided to go with a snake. I hope you enjoy following along with the process!

Since I knew that I wanted to do an illustration of my animal this month, I started things off by sketching a snake design on a scrap of watercolor paper with a pink Col-Erase pencil. I used a photo that I found online to get the general shape of the snake down.

Next, I used a piece of tracing paper and a pencil to trace over my sketch. I then used a craft knife to cut out the shape of the snake so that I had a mask that resembled my drawing.

At this point, I wanted to focus on the background. This helped me know how to color my focal image. For the base of my project, I selected a playing card from a deck of cards I purchased at the thrift store for 49 cents. Then, I used a mix of plain rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle and a few colors of alcohol inks to create my background.

It was then time to paint my snake. Using clean water on a paintbrush, I filled in the shape of my snake. I then dropped several colors of watercolor paint in light oranges and dark greens directly into the water and allowed the colors to blend together.

Once the watercolor was dry, I then wanted to add some pattern to the snake. I taped the mask I created in Step 2 over my illustration using washi tape, then used Nathalie’s Empire Triangle stamp paired with Tim Holtz Distress Ink in the color Walnut Stain to cover my snake with a variety of pattern. I then removed the mask and used an ink pen to add some lines the illustration.

In the end, the use of the mask became mostly meaningless, because I decided I wanted to fussy cut my illustration, again using a craft knife. I then rubbed an Archival Ink Pad in Black around the edges of the piece so that it would stand out more against the background. It also covered some of the raw edges I got from cutting with a blade that wasn’t quite sharp enough.

Then all that was left was to actually assemble the playing card! Using Aleene’s Tacky Glue, I adhered the snake to my background. I then used a small phrase I typed out on my typewriter to give the card a title, rubbed my Archival Ink Pad around the edges of the card, and I was ready to call it done!

Altered playing cards can be a great addition to your mixed media repertoire; you can create an entire deck, or staple them into your journals to create quick pages! I hope you enjoyed following the process of creating this card and that you give some of the techniques a try for yourself!

Thank you Jordan – I love that you chose to work on a playing card, and the use of the stamp to create the snake’s marking is just perfect!

Give it a try: you can find all my Rubber Stamps in my Online Shop and in addition to an old playing card, here are some of the supplies Jordan used:

Looking for more projects? Follow the Creative Squad on Instagram here.

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Creative Squad: Gratitude is my Attitude – Jordan Hill

Hello from my Creative Squad! Today we have a post from Jordan Hill who is sharing with us a couple of lovely cards using my Triangle Love and #keepyouposted rubber stamps, with our very appropriate November theme in mind: Gratitude is my Attitude – This month we are playing along with the November ArtCollab: Showing Gratitude – and specifically giving thanks to those who have helped us along the way in our artistic journey. Who was crucial in helping you become the artist you are today? Let’s give these amazing souls a shout out!

Hey everyone! I’m excited to be back with a new project for the month of November. The first thing that came to mind when I heard this month’s theme of “Gratitude is my Attitude” was greeting cards! They are a great way to show you’re thinking of someone, and making that card handmade always adds a little extra touch. 

I started out my greeting cards by cutting down a piece of white card stock to 4.25″x8.5″. I chose this size because it allowed me to cut two cards from an 8.5″x11″ sheet of card stock with next to no leftover (only the 2.5″ strip at the end). Once my card stock had been cut to size, I folded the pieces in half to create two square cards.

Next, I selected a few scraps of paper and using Nathalie’s Empire Triangle stamp, I created a repeating pattern across them. For the lighter piece I used black ink and for the darker piece I used a silver pigment ink. These triangle stamps fit together nicely to create patterns! 

I then cut down my stamped papers into smaller square shapes. For this particular card, I chose a 3″x3″ square. Next, I selected a separate paper scrap to create a mat around that square. A trick I learned back in my scrapbooking days is that if you are having a hard time using up your pretty papers, you can cut out a square from the middle of your mat and save the scrap for another project!

Place your glue around the inside edge of your mat. I used Aleene’s tacky glue for my cards, but any sort of liquid glue, double sided tape, or adhesive runner would work for this! Then, place your patterned paper square into the center of the mat.

Next, I prepared my card bases for assembly by using some Distress Ink in the color Pumice Stone and a Tim Holtz Blending Tool to buff around the edges of my card. I selected this color because I felt the gray fit with my style and the other colors that I was using more than some of the browns I have in my collection.

Then, using Nathalie’s #keepyouposted Cling Rubber Stamp Set and a black ink pad, I stamped some words onto a scrap of file folder and cut them out. I stamped a few extra so that I’ll have them prepared for making cards in the future!

Now it’s time to assemble! Glue your matted patterned paper onto your card base, and add the words to it. Experiment with the location of the words until you get a placement you’re happy with, and you have a quick and easy card to send to your friends or family to express your gratitude for them!

I did a simple variation of this card by cutting my patterned paper down to a larger size (I chose 3.75″x3.75″) and gluing it directly to my prepared card base. I then used a couple of different elements from some of my collage sheets to add a figure before gluing down my words. This adds a little more interest to your card while still keeping it very simple.

I hope you enjoy these tips and tricks to make some simple greeting cards and that you have fun making some of your own!

Thank you Jordan, with the Thanksgiving holiday this week in the US, it is the perfect time to create some one-of-a-kind cards to thank those who are important to us :)

Give it a try: you can find all my Rubber Stamps in my Online Shop and in addition to paper scraps and collage elements here are some of the supplies Jordan used:

Follow the Creative Squad on Instagram for weekly posts, artwork, and inspiration.

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Pattern Monday 22 – Ledger Video

Pattern Monday time and today I’m working in my big vintage ledger and playing with just two little stamps and changing up the orientation and frequency of stamping to create a pattern that has a surprising amount of complexity. So, just one stamp from my Small Circle Jumble set and one from my Triangle Love set is being used here and I definitely wish with this one that my big vintage ledger was even BIGGER so that I could do more of the pattern for you. You will just have to use your imaginations :)

Here is another look at the finished pattern and the stamps I used:

Your turn to give it a try! Here are the supplies:

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