Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys – Canvas



is a saying that I really is basically saying “not my problem” and often times the monkeys definitely are not mine ;) As you can see I used my Elephant Stencil for Stencil Girl Products – which just makes me happy. Also lots of spraying and layering on the background



with a finish of Liquitex Pouring Medium which gives it a nice glass like finish. Love the stuff.


have a gorgeous day without any monkey business ;)



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  • Tamara


    Looooooooooove it :-) This is my current quote of the week (every week actually) and I used it in my journal a while ago. Yours is so much nicer though…although the elephant might even cause more havoc than monkeys.


  • Sue Clarke


    I see many signs that say “don’t make me get the flying monkeys” (in reference to the Wizard of Oz)…I haven’t heard this quote that you used but I like it. How did you get the idea to make an elephant stencil?


  • muriel


    I looooooooove your background! The colours and the depth in it. I have had Pouring Medium in my stuff for several months now but I still haven’t tried it. I must absolutely do it now.


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