Project 365 – Week 21

Written by Nathalie Kalbach. Posted in Photos

Whirlwind week – but fun. Here are the photos 🙂

Wirbelwind-Woche -aber spaßig. Hier sind die Photos 🙂


I gave in….LOL -I refused for  a long time but now I’m on Twitter too -it is fun and it is your own decision how active you are. you can follow me here if you want 🙂


mmhhhh- fresh basil – I love the smell and taste. Fresh Pesto all the way 🙂


The carpenter brought our new table and the new bench. I love it and it is going to be so much more room when we have guests.


Bye, bye old fridge. You were a trooper – a real cool inhabitant – sad to see you go!


Welcome new fridge! Wow- you are handsome …and so quite and…even cooler than the old fridge.


This cracks me up. My godson J. yesterday. He made the funniest sounds while laughing too. Such a cutie! To bad there is a shadow in the face. I also met my other big godson L. yesterday – it is fun to be an auntie 🙂

I got my new bike. I love it – it is very light, simple and sporty. Dear BikeThief….don’t touch it…touching time is over!!!!

I see a sunny and creative day ahead…can’t wait! Wishing you a gorgeous day!

Ich habe einen sonnigen und kreativen Tag vor mir…kann es kaum erwarten! Wünsche Euch ebenfalls einen grandiosen Tag!



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  • Sue Clarke


    Looks like a week of new items Nat! New cool fridge, new bike and very nice new kitchen table and bench. Enjoy your creative day!


  • Debby


    That was a fun jouney in photography. Great job.


  • Michelle


    You are too cute. Love the new table. I want to see the outside of your new fridge.And I want to see more of your bike. Was this week buying week?


  • Daphne


    I have a shrieking toddler here who needs an auntie that loves to be around 🙂 haha.. because the mother is losing it!

    And I am not even having a small peek at your twitter account out of fear I might have to join too.. but..maybe I can create a Twitter account for my Blythe doll bwahahaaa..

    That table! OH MY… super! I MUST have dinner / lunch there soon!


  • Sarale


    Danke für die kleinen aber feinen Einblicke in Deine Welt 😉
    P.S.: Mal wieder auf ´nen Kaffee Zeit?




  • Jenneke


    Wow, you had a good week!! A new table and bench, a new fridge and a new bike, Lucky you!
    i hope you’ll enjoy everything!
    Love your blog and your work!!


  • kim whitten


    digging the random photos. Lovelove that new table. I’ll follow you on twitter…beware it is highly addictive!


  • christiane


    alles neu macht der mai, huh?? 😉 tolle neue errungenschaften habt ihr gemacht!!


  • Michelle LaPoint Rydell


    So fun to see your weekly photos! I love your new table – your home looks really cool!


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