Colors Are Your Friends or let’s talk a bit of “my” Color Theory VI

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In case you missed the other posts of this series- I collected them all on this page here.

We are still discussing:

and with this last post in the series I wanted to show you which color combinations I love and where I find inspiration for those color combinations :)

So where do I find inspiration for color combos? I would say there are four main categories for me:

  1. Nature
  2. Street Art
  3. Art Work
  4. Catalogues or Magazines

I usually have my cell phone which has a camera with me anyway and as soon as I see something that I think will inspire me later for some color combination I take a photo for later. If I’m stuck or want to get out of my usual color routine I just scroll through my photos. Here are some that I have taken the last couple weeks just for that purpose with my phone.

1. Nature

Nature is an amazing source of color combinations- flowers especially- like this one:

See the colors that are in this flowers

2. Street Art

Often times graffiti or street art has some amazing color combos too – like this one

Love those colors together

3. Art Work

When I go to a museum or exhibition I also love looking for amazing color combinations- Like this painting by Neo Rauch – he rocks color combinations that are unusual in my opinion

I would have never thought by myself using those colors together

4Catalogues or Magazines

I do not read a lot of fashion or gossip magazines but if I get one I usually just look for color combinations  :) and then …well…as you are looking you might as well just read the stories- right – LOL

these colors make me happy together

Here are some projects I created using some of my favorite color combinations at the moment :)

Here are the colors:

here is another one

and the colors:

And my beloved jewel tones

here is the color palette

And one last one :)

and the color palette

It is so much fun to be friends with Colors. After a while you do not even have to think much with which ones you want to hang around and which ones you want to bring together- I promise you – with just the little color theory we talked about in the past posts, you will instantly grab the right ones and make them sing in an amazing choir :)

I hope you enjoyed the “Colors Are Your Friends”- Series- you will find the complete post here




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  • Martha Richardson


    Great color examples! Color’s are my friend also as that usually is how I see everything :]


  • Sue Clarke


    This series has helped me to see color in a different way. The color combos that you posted are not ones that I would come up with naturally so it’s fun to see how they inspired you to make your colorful art Nat.


  • Erika Taylor


    Hey there Nat, Was thinking about ya this morning. Hope you are doing well and although I know you are super busy, perhaps at CHA, we can meet for coffee. Hugs to you.


  • Lisa Flaherty


    Great ideas! And I love how you pulled the colors from each of your examples to show the palette–works well with my one-dimensional mind! And, perhaps I was on to something; yesterday I cut part of a clothing catalog that had a stack of T-shirts to show all the colors they are available in. I felt it could be useful somehow. Now I know how! :)


  • Rose Curtis


    love all your color theory post! you could easily write a book on it! =)


  • Marit


    I love your colourful post and WOWZAH, that Neo Rauch painting is fabulous!


  • Dottie


    Love, love your color combinations!!!!


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