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Written by Nathalie Kalbach. Posted in Inspirational Video, Photos

As you know I love watching inspirational videos and I love to share them with you. I found this one by Neil Pasricha which so so so impressed me! Love the talk – and love the humor and the message- watch it.

So this talk made me think and I decided – it was a day in September, when I watched it, that I would no matter what look at the next day with open eyes and take close photos along the day of things that made me happy. Here are the photos in the order the awesomeness happened this day. Apparently a lot of food makes me happy- LOL- but see yourself ;)

Pretty awesome day I must say :)

Why don’t you try this too- and if you do- link me up- I would love to see your awesome day !!!

Have an awesome day filled with 3A’s


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  • Martha Richardson


    Love this blog post…thanks for sharing such inspiration!


  • Sue Clarke


    Wonderful video and I really like that you post these. There are so many inspiring videos on line and I really don’t want to go through tons of them to find the “‘good ones” but I am never disappointed in the ones that you point out…so thanks from the bottom of my heart Nat<3


  • Lisa Flaherty


    Thank you for this, Nat! Just what I needed this morning as I got out of bed thinking about what is NOT awesome! Lol!


  • Cat


    Thanks for sharing that video, very inspriatiional!
    xo hope you are doing great — you’ve been so quiet lately!


  • Madeline Rains


    Thanks, again, for the awesome inspiration. : )


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