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Please forgive me my friends, that my blog is awfully quiet at the moment…the last couple months I have been working non-stop on Creative Jumpstart, and a lot of the projects I cannot show quite yet 😉 I can promise you though – there will be lot’s of awesome stuff coming up.

…but hey…meanwhile – … Join me!


CJS15InfographicNat (1)

Creative Jumpstart 2015 will be the best so far 🙂 I am totally in awe at all the videos by the artists- you will love them – AND next week I will head out to the Liquitex HQ and help picking out the giveaways for CJS ….maybe I post some tiny pictures from there 😉 (and by the way the giveaways will be not tied to challenges this time – per popular demand 🙂 )


Right now I am taking a short break to celebrate my great aunt’s 95th Birthday in Germany . I surprised her yesterday and it was a great day. Here are some selfies of aunt Margot and me – she was impressed by the capability of cell phones to take photos while seeing yourself and told me “We have come a long way since 1919” …LOL



Meanwhile- I am wishing you a gorgeous weekend and see you next week 🙂





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  • Profile photo of JackiePN



    Oh Nathalie!!! Your Aunt Margo looks wonderful!!! I am so glad you posted , I have been wondering about her as I know it is difficult now that you live here in the states.
    What fun photos of the two of you- and 95 years young!! tell Aunt Margot- I say Many Happy Blessings and she has got it going on for a woman of her young age!! heehee Have fun! xoxo


  • Sue Clarke


    How wonderful to see your Aunt Margot looking so well and how special that you are there to celebrate her b-day with her. I have always enjoyed the LO’s that you’ve done of her from the past and current day. Enjoy!
    Can’t wait for CJS 2015.


  • Linda on the Prairie


    Happy Birthday, Great Aunt Margot! So glad you could be together on this very special occasion. Best wishes from Oklahoma!


  • Regina


    Have a splndid time with your Aunt Margot! Congrats to her for her 95th birthday! That is truly awesome. Looks like you are both having a good time with your selfies

    Looking forward to Jumpstart 2015


  • Laura Strack


    Happy Birthday to you sweet Aunt Margot! You both look like you had a wonderful time together!
    Looking so forward to CJS 2015!! You certainly out did yourself on the Jump Starters this year. Love them all 🙂


  • Lizzie


    I was wondering how Aunt Margot was doing since you moved away. See really looks wonderful! I’m sure you will have a great time together. Really looking forward to CJS 2015. Have a great holiday time.


  • Profile photo of secotine



    your aunt looks so great!!!!!!! i wish being like her at 95!!!!!! send her all my best regards


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