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CJS 2016 Gwen Lafleur


About Gwen:

Gwen Lafleur is a lifelong artist and crafter, currently living in South Jordan, Utah. Her mother tells the story of when Gwen was three or four years old and was found cutting paper into tiny pieces and gluing it to the desk. Although she wasn’t excited about the furniture being altered, it was clear that she had a budding artist on her hands! Gwen has been involved in arts and crafts her entire life, trying anything from drawing lessons to paper crafts, and finally finding her true home as a mixed media artist. Whenever she gets a break from her full-time job in the eCommerce industry, Gwen can most often be found playing in her studio and working as a stencil artist and creative team member for StencilGirl Products.





Here are some samples of Gwen’s work:


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