About Marsha:

My name is Marsha Valk and I’m a craft professional from the Netherlands. My current crafty adventures started in 2003 when I discovered scrapbooking, but I’ve been a creative soul all my life and I’ve been interested in art history and modern art for as long as I can remember. In the last couple of years my focus has shifted from scrapbooking to mixed media/art journaling and general crafts. My husband is a DJ, so I’m especially looking forward to this year’s Mix, Match and Master theme for Creative JumpStart. I’d like to think that I mix, match and master all the time, but if I do get stuck I can now ask him for some pointers ;-). In addition to being a member of the n*Studio Creative Squad, I am also a regular contributor to the Gelli Arts blog.



Take a peek at Marsha’s style: