Brain vs. Kool Aid or …New Art Journal Page

Written by Nathalie Kalbach. Posted in Art Journal

4 days…no post…what??? I tell you…I am so sorry….but I am over my head in work…and hey…an upcoming housewarming party and hosting Thanksgiving this year is not helping either 😉 I am working on several things at the same time…frantically and I know that some things might be totally up your alley and you will love love love them…so…BEAR with me! (Did you notice..I got it…I no longer write “bare” with me….I was so embarrassed when I learned what this means when I write it wrong- LOL). I had time for a quick art journal page – the foundation of it was made in my Class at the Ink Pad demoing.




It is always great to have some backgrounds ready to go in your art journal- so if you need a quick artfix that only takes a couple minutes- you are ready to go …



Here I also used another background page that I did and cut it up in circles which I used on the art journal page – I love it. It is one of the rare occasions where I actually have a lighter background and darker spots on top – usually I do darker backgrounds and lighten everything up with the embellishing features.



I used the Circuit Stencil I designed for StencilGirl Product and using a Versamark Pen I traced the pattern and then heat embossed with Stampendous Aged Enamel Powder.



and Mr Brain …with the dirty face (note to self: clean your fingers in between before you are fiddling in someones face!)…with a nice blue shirt to contrast the orange background ….fun





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Comments (7)

  • Profile photo of scrapinsue



    It is a busy time of year, no worries about posting Nat.
    I am hosting Thanksgiving for the first time ever…busy as well.
    How did you do the man on this page? Photo, drawing, pic from magazine? He’s very handsome;-)


  • wilma Voermans


    I really like this page. For me it is a working man , dirty and all who takes a thirsty break.


  • Micki


    Nat, I love your page and actually love the “dirty face”, because I do that all the time. Don’t feel bad about not posting every day, you have a life and having just moved…… I think you are entitled :-). (Of course I’m saying that because then I won’t feel so guilty about my lack of posting, wink!)


  • Jean A Marmo


    This is fun! Good look with your upcoming events!


  • Nurse Ratchet


    Tis the season to be busy!! Be nice to yourself!!<3


  • Jeanne Kelly


    I don’t know…..the dirty face makes him look a bit more mysteriously sexy…Mmmmmm!

    Don’t worry about your English…sadly there are plenty of Americans that don’t know the difference between “bear” and “bare” !


  • Jackie


    Hi Nat,
    First off- don’t take on too much! If you stress yourself out over the holidays you won’t have FUN1 And we need more fun! heehee
    Secondly, I’m in agreement with Jeanne, I kinda like the “dirty” look- mmm sexy! Gobble Gobble! xo


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