Winding Down: My Top Five Mixed Media Paintings of 2014

Written by Nathalie Kalbach. Posted in Mixed Media Painting

It has become a tradition of mine and other blogger friends to wind down the year with some  Top “insert number”- Lists of work , posts and photos, before the year ends. It makes me go back and look at what I have done and accomplished and it also makes me dwell in memories. Too often we forget about the things we did and accomplished throughout the year- often just bashing ourselves for not fulfilling all the wonderful new year’s resolutions from last year.  Maybe this makes you wanna do it too – if so – share :)

2014 was definitely a year I did more work on canvas than any other years before – here are my personal top five canvases:

1. On The Flip Side

This one might be my absolute favorite of the year – it has a lot of personal meaning for me and that might be actually the only reason why it is a favorite- LOL- the personal meaning – although- I do like that I for a change was also working in a bit different color rage than usual.

2. The Powerhouse

I like this one because of the colors and …because I stopped- LOL. I wasn’t sure in the beginning if that was done and then I decided to let it go and I am so happy I did. This canvas taught me that it is ok to have long breaks in between and come back after a while, just to decide to call it finished.

3. Standing Strong

This canvas does not have as much texture as usual- but I did like creating it a lot. I started mixing very intrigue parts of buildings with undefined parts and it gave me a push from there on to explore this a bit more.

4. Everything is Gentrified

This painting gave me a lot of headaches- meanwhile and after – I do love it -but I learned a lot about light sources. How important it is in which light you work and in which light you then maybe hang it. It is a painting that needs a well lit area and it changes it’s looks during the day from vibrant and uplifting to dark and oppressing. For sure interesting for me and while not perfect- it goes with the topic and title.

5. In the Same Boat?

This one was also a canvas of headaches – LOL. I had a finished picture in my head when I started it- which was a huge mistake and then I also started mixing some colors which at first I totally did not like. It took me forever to finish this work up- the canvas was sitting on the easel and I would look at it contemplating for weeks if I should just paint over it. And then I didn’t …and it grew on me – and now I really like it -I do like the colors I mixed …another canvas that taught me to be patient.


What I learned:

2014 marks definitely a year where I feel I have learned to be patient with me, my skills and my work. I also learned that I shouldn’t give up too early on something.


My goal for 2015:

All of those canvases are a smaller scale (12×24 is I think the biggest one- still not having the U.S. sizes in my head- LOL) – so my goal for next year is to go bigger – so we will see 🙂 . I started a bigger canvas a couple weeks ago- I will show you the process in a couple days. It feels pretty daring to me but is a lot of fun 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this little journey – next up will be photos and art journal pages!

have a gorgeous day




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Comments (9)

  • Nurse Ratchet


    I absolutely adore you’re cityscape series…the colour,texture and composition really inspires me! Who knows maybe 2015 will find me creating some scenes of my town!!


  • Madeline Rains


    I love your cityscapes too. Especially the first one and the fourth one. I like that the mood of that one changes throughout the day depending on the light. So cool. I am really drawn to pieces that emphasize just a few strong sources of light like that. And it reminds me of living in NYC and in Boston.


  • Angie


    Love love love each of your top picks! You are truly an inspiration to me! Thanks for sharing your art and comments… Makes me have a little more self confidence knowing that you question your work sometimes- thanks! (What a great year- I got to meet you!!!


  • Sue Clarke


    I am so impressed with the canvas painting that you’ve done this year. Your art just keeps growing and reaching new heights.
    I can’t wait to CJS 2015 to see what the new year challenges me to do!


  • Deborah A. Pierro


    Hi Nat–I absolutely love all of the paintings you’ve shown here. You definitely have a recognizable style that is all yours, and that’s a very good thing! Happy New Year!


  • Marjie Kemper


    Beautiful canvases, Nat. I especially love #4, even if it did give you a lot of headaches. Hope you have wonderful holidays and a very happy new year!


  • Maura


    Thanks for sharing these beauties. Love your use of color in them! Can’t wait to see your larger canvas works! To a great new year!


  • Nancy Sapp


    Just now getting a chance to look at all my e-mails & blogs! I LOVE your canvas “In the Same Boat.” The water & sky are just beautiful hues of blues & pinks.


  • marsha.


    I love them all, but you don’t have to guess which one I love most ;-). You’ve taken leaps of progress as an artist this year. It’s so wonderful to watch and I’m so proud of you!


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