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Instead of a New Year’s Resolution I, amongst many others, pick a word that I try to live by in the new year. Last year it was BOLD …this year it is LIGHT …next year it might be ITALIC… just kidding 😉


Light is indeed my word for this year. It is a good word for many different kinds of lights that I would like in my life. I want to take thinks more lightly, travel light, be light and not overthink everything too much, eat light, and …see the light at the end of the tunnel 🙂 Let’s see where this goes!


Light is also the page spread in my art journal itself and the time I spent on it. I created it very quick on December 31, 2014 – after contemplating with myself, that I a) have no time because I had to work on last minute stuff for Creative JumpStart  and b) that I have no time because I should really make myself representable for a little party I was going to. Well…Light helped- little bit of acrylic inks with a brush – little bit playing, little bit of acrylic paint on a stamp …and voila- done. And aren’t I glad I did it…it is in there…in the journal- as a good reminder until I fill the book- LOL.


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What is your word if you have one?




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  • Profile photo of Nurse-Ratchet



    Fab pages ,Nat. I am embracing “imperfection” this year!


  • Profile photo of cabramofsky



    Mine is focus, for this year I am retiring and embarking on an art career.


  • Profile photo of kristabellerichman



    Mine is “rhythm.” It came to me while listening to Tam’s meditation on day 1, as in a need to pay attention to the natural rhythms and flow of everything this year.


  • Profile photo of emperessenigma



    Mine is ‘grow’ as in expand my mind, learn new things. Reach and stretch myself out to share with others.


  • Laura


    I have never “taken on a word” in this manner before but going to try it out this year so mine is ” reframe” . 🙂


  • Profile photo of ljfsyd



    Powerful work of art. Our work reflects our thoughts, our environment. This is where our inspiration comes from and rightly should. What you have created reflects the dilemma in Jersey City, as in many cities within this country………


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