Project 365 – Week 18

Last week wasn’t very exciting – but that is not the purpose of the pictures a day anyway. So I’m sorry you have to go through this- LOL

Letzte Woche war nicht wirklich sehr aufregend- aber darum geht es ja auch nicht bei den Bildern des Tages. Also müsst Ihr da jetzt durch- LOL


Just a random photo in my room. Lot’s of minialbums.


I was worried that the tree in front of my studio window would be dead but finally it turns green. I love that tree but a lot of people in the house hate it cause it takes away a lot of light.


I know you have seen a lot of Niles-Pictures already- but this one is so hilarious- LOL. He was watching my husband cooking.


We finally got our new lights and had them fixed. Love them and the light in the kitchen is way better now.


Got my issue of Somerset Memories April/May 2009. I have an older layout published in it.


My husband’s jazz band performed – it was fun and I love their spoken words programme. Luise looks too cute with her baby belly on stage!


Lovely flowers I got from Jim. The colors are wonderful and they cheer me up a little. I have a bit of a down day today.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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