Project 365 – Week 19

Another week gone by – and I share it with you as usual :)

Wieder eine Woche vorbei und ich teile diese wie immer mit Euch :)


Meeting my friend Sandra after quite a while. It was fun!


So- there it is: the scaffolding for the next six weeks – right in front of my studio and our living room. I guess I will hate it…I have to admit that I love having my privacy and having people in front of the window for six weeks is not going to be my favorite thing. LOL


Working on a project :)


How funny- I spied this on the scaffolding.


It looked like the end of the world. When I came back from teaching a workshop for kiddos at Liz’ and got out of the train it went dark and started pouring. As you can see nobody is on the street- we all tried to hide under roofs and shop entrances. It was crazy. I got soaking wet, well I was better off then the skydiver at the harbour birthday who was found 40 km (25 Miles) away from the point he was suppposed to land (he was ok!).


And the next day – gorgeous weather. We went to buy even more plants and stuff for the terrasse and had a very good day outside. So the summer can come :)


Every five years I get the urge to take a look at the harbour birthday – where you usually only find tourists. I didn’t like it as usual – too crowded , to many drunk people early on the day and to cheesy music. But the fairy wheel right next to the train station with an overlook over the harbour was pretty cool! So…see you in five years- LOL


Ich wünsche Euch einen tollen Wochenanfang!!!

Wishing you a gorgeous start into the new week!!!

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