Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn sometimes

I love acorns…something about the little hat on the nut makes me go “ohhhh cuuuuteee” …yeah, I know weird…but hey…there is worse out there ;) Anyway I found a box of decoration acorns and cones at a store in the States which I knew I would have to transform.


I used Liquitex Professional Spraypaint on some and Liquitex Acrylic Paint on some others to paint them a bit






And then I placed them on top of a pile of unpainted ones- to make them pop.


and then after Christmas I will probably use them in a mixed media project but for now these little color acorns make me happy.


What colors are you decorating in this holiday seasons- all kinds like me or more color coordinated?

huge hugs


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  • Nurse Ratchet


    I ,reminisce when decorating and use family treasures and decorations collected so every colour has representation!! Love my neighbors gold and silver theme but feel so warm and fuzzy when I see the Smurfs from my son’s childhood and some of my childhood decorations side by side on our tree!!


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