About Catherine:

Creating art is a lot like riding a bike or driving a car — even when you haven’t created for a long time it’s an instinct that lives within you just waiting for a little moment to explode on a scrap of paper.

Catherine Scanlon, a life long artist; has spent a lot of her adult life creating — but in the times that her creativity has gone into hiding — it has always emerged days, months and even years later; more creative, more bold and sometimes even better than ever before. The various breaks in creativity have helped to ferment and refine the techniques she’s sharing with you in her Creative JumpStart.

As a SEVEN Year Veteran of Creative Jumpstart, Catherine loves to share her creative techniques for jumpstarting her dry spells with you, pushing you to try new things and expand your creative toolbox with new supplies, new techniques and a new love for creating art.

While she has spent many years working in the paper crafting industry, these days you will find her splitting her time between creating coloring book illustrations and fun things with AdornIt as well as adding to her extensive line of stamp designs for Art Gone Wild. She’s also left her day job and is headed back to school full time to learn some new skills for Communications and New Media that are going to jettison her art career to new levels!



Here is a sample of¬†Catherine’s work: