About Glenda:

Welcome to my beloved space; the liminal between the familiar and the completely unknown. Did you find an old shoe box of print pictures during our collective quarantine? Do the whispers of forsaken photographs ever call to you while pursuing an estate or thrift store? Getting lost in the sacred space of what once was and what can be connective and transformative. Welcome to my zen; digging through mountains of neglected photos and unlocking the untold stories. Taking a deep dive into the faces and places of found snapshots it’s easy to see our common humanity. It can be a powerful tool of creation.

I work primarily in paper / digital collage, book making, assemblage and encaustic. Being both self-taught and a student of accomplished teachers in mixed media arts for the past twenty years has greatly inspired and reinforced my skills. At the age of 52, I returned to college after decades of caring for my amazing son on the Autism spectrum to complete my education, receiving a Bachelor of Integrated Studies from Miami University in Multicultural Leadership and Arts and Culture [Cum Laude]. In 2015, I opened Creative Communion, Studio 107 at the Pendleton Art Center, Middletown, OH, where we champion the power of creative well-being through art and radical inclusivity.




A peek at Glenda’s artistic work: