About Marlene:

Hallo there! I’m Marlene Meijer-van Niekerk. I was born in sunny South Africa, and I currently live in a small coastal town in The Netherlands with my husband and 2 teenagers.

I’ve been making art, in some form or another since I was a small child. Whether it was making pottery, canvas painting, designing, decor painting, printmaking, sewing or even make-up design, the need to express myself artistically has been as natural as breathing. Mixed Media and Art Journaling are just the latest outlets for my creative energy, but it surely has changed my life.

The freedom that I experience when I’m art journaling excites me and gets my creative juices flowing! I have a large collection of journaling products with Studio Light. It is called the ART BY MARLENE SIGNATURE COLLECTION. I also have signature designs with lovely companies like Artfoamies, The Crafter’s Workshop and Grafix arts.

My style is best described as vibrant, colorful and happy. My wish is to bring joy to the world with my art, I have no intention to provoke any negativity, I believe there is enough sadness in the world, so my mission is to uplift the mood and share happiness with the world.

Please join me on this artistic adventure…

I hope I can be of inspiration to YOU!