About Marlene:

I was born in South Africa and emigrated to the Netherlands in 2002 after marrying my DUTCH husband. We have 2 lovely children, Charlize and Fabian. Together we live in a small coastal town in the northern part of The Netherlands.

I am a mixed media colorist, illustrator, journaler and all over creative spirit.

I have been a signature designer for different craft companies: Studio Light, The Crafters Workshop, Artfoamies and Grafixarts. I just love making designs that people can use in their art! Currently I design more exclusively for Studio Light.

My art is meant to brighten up the darkest of days. I try to work in several art styles. I believe that it is part of my creative freedom to explore all styles that I like and that it broadens not only my view of art, but the all over experience too. I refuse to limit myself to man set borders, like country, color, political views, ethnicity, religion or social standing… that I happen to be born in to.

My artistic trademark is my use of bright & happy colours, my whimsical style and the decorative details I use. My work is full of layers, movement, vibrant colors and lots of contrast!

I tutor live classes on a weekly base and travel the world to teach with my artsy products. I am very grateful to teach in CJS2021.




Check out Marlene’s style: