About Nancy:

Nancy Curry, a former language arts teacher, switched gears in the 1990s and dove headlong into the world of paper arts/mixed media and never looked back.

She has been a working artist, traveling instructor, designer and author for over twenty years. Her print media work for industry magazines and books, her own F&W book, Texture Effects for Rubber Stamping, and large body of work clearly show the melding of whimsy, elegance and curiosity, and her painting, paper, and mixed media workshops suggest a playful and spontaneous nature as well. Her easily recognizable style has evolved and matured, yet is timeless in its use of varied applications of media. The results are pieces containing both visual and tactile textures, favorite motifs, and often meaningful verbiage that combine for rich and unique compositions.

Nancy lives and creates in a St. Louis suburb with her husband and three standard poodles, affectionately called sous artistes.



Check out Nancy’s artistic style: