About Rachel Juanita:

I am Rachel Juanita, the artist behind Soul Reign Art. I am a mixed media artist who reunited with art after a 20 year career in coaching and leadership development in the military and public sector. I don’t know who found who, but I am grateful that God used art to heal my wounded soul and to serve as a platform to share the transformative power of art with others.

After graduating from seminary in preparing to go into ministry, I experienced a traumatic soul wounding that sent my voice into exile. It was only thru art that I was able to heal, restore and reclaim my voice.

The freedom and lack of control that mixed media provided was just the balm that was needed to express the full emotion of my trauma and release the past so that my soul could reign. It is my purpose and passion to help others in their journey of emotional, spiritual and cultural healing thru the transformative power of art.

I create art, art courses, experiences and excursions to facilitate healing. My art style reflects my personal quest to connect with my ancestors and ancient artisans, in what I call “Tribal Marks Art” Every piece of art I create, I sign with my heart’s prayer, “May Your Soul Reign.”



Check out Rachel Juanita’s artistic style: