About Rae:

Rae Missigman, mixed media artist, author and instructor loves to share her design passions in the classroom, on the printed page and on her website. No ordinary object is safe in her hands but destined to become something extraordinarily beautiful and wildly imaginative.

Rae’s mantra is no piece is complete without layers of her signature marks, dots and dashes. Her large following of art lovers clamor for her books, products and instructional DVDs to bring repetitive marks into their own art journals.

Rae’s color palette is bold and vivid despite her profess love for the color white. She finds white soothing in her personal life and the perfect backdrop for the splashes of color dominating her pieces.

Rae works from her often-photographed home studio in Central Florida where she lives with her supportive husband, five children and now passes her love of color and design on to her wee grandchildren.


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Check out samples of Rae’s artwork: