About Rowan:

Rowan Sivyer, AKA Little Rowan Redhead, is a painter, printmaker and general compulsive maker. Moving from printmaking to painting to collage to digital art allows Rowan to stay creatively curious and is part of her process. ‘I often fall into creative rabbit holes, emerging several days later with the sense that there is still so much to discover and learn’.  Working from a home studio in Sydney’s Inner West, Rowan’s art is fresh, colourful and often imbued with a sense of humour. Rowan is particularly inspired by Australian flora and fauna, pop art and art deco.  Whether it’s her watercolour paintings and prints, her linocut prints, her intricate hand-carved stamps or her distinct range of cards and stationery, all products are in keeping with Rowan’s commitment to small-run, sustainable and handmade crafts.


Check out Rowan’s Style: