Seattle – oh how fun! Part II

Want to see more Seattle photos? – Here we go.

We went to the Seattle Public Library- such a cool building- and the inside is amazing too. A real public place with lot’s of people just enjoying coffee, knitting, reading and relaxing.

Oh and this spinning elephant neon sign was my favorite- isn’t that the cutest?

One day we went to Fremont- the so called Center of the Universe-  LOL. Loved that place.

Lot’s of fun art on the street.

And what do you think you would find at Troll Ave right under the freeway?

Yep – a Troll eating a real Volkswagen Beetle! LOL

And how the heck did they get this statue over?

Oh and at the International District this hotel cracked me up – wow- I’m glad those rooms are fire proof and at low rates too!!!

Oh and did I tell you that Seattle totally reminded my of Hamburg?

And tomorrow you can follow me along the WestCoast to Portland, Oregon :) if you want.

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