n*Lab Tales: Today featuring ICE Resin

One of my New Years’ Resolutions was the n*Lab. What does that mean you might ask?  I realized that one of the things that got lost in my time to run my new business is the time to actually experiment with new techniques and fun stuff. Not just doing an assignment or play with the things I already know…no no – I mean doing something completely new to me, experimenting, taking things further. I really had a hard time making room for this in the last couple months.

So how do you manage to make time for it? You treat it as a fixed date – it is in the calendar now- every month – yep! Because when it is in the calendar…mmmhh – yeah ..I follow the plan….see- I have been a paralegal far too long in my life- LOL.

For a year now I have been eager to finally work with the ICE Resin – and since the amazing Jen Cushman also signed her wonderful book “Explore, Create, Resinate” for me and handed me some supplies, there had to be an n*Lab ICE Resin appointment in the calendar. I followed the instructions- which btw are very clear and amazingly written out in the book. The book is awesome! I actually felt like a cool chemist mixing the two components together in between I was thinking I should get my white chemist smock and my goggles out…and then I remembered that there is no one in the apartment to take a photo of this…, and …it went all kind of well…as long…as I ….followed the instructions ….

I had it all prepared, I had a huge garbage bag on my studio table for protection, I folded the components for 2 minutes, then I swirled them for 2 minutes, I waited for 5 minutes, I started pouring carefully into the bezel….yep…all good…until my impatient me started overpouring…mmmh …so what to do…leave it. Fine… LOL….Let it dry….fine…but have I ever told you that I’m the most impatient person in the world?  I tell you this as a secret…never ever tell my students, ok! Sure, it said to be patient and it said to wait for a couple of hours, but see, I really really wanted to see how you could prevent having all the Ice Resin slowly making its way over the bezel oh and surely it had to be dry after 2 hours, let’s touch it and leave some DNA -Mark in the ICE Resin…oh and sure it says to let the ICE Resin paper dry for about 10 hours, but mmmmh- let me just lift the sticky side up after 3 hours and move the bezel at this very same moment by doing so and have it flip over like a toast on the buttered side and…ohhh noooooooo…..

You get the picture ;)

Anyway…my very first bezels are looking ok-ish….they are by no means good or perfect, I am semi-proud – they have some scratches and bubbles and you clearly see the paper lifting inside oh and don’t forget the right pointer finger DNA-mark …but I totally got the hang out of this- and I will do this soon again!

Supplies: ICE Resin, Ribbon and Paper by Susan Lenart Kazmer, 7 Gypsies Bezel, Crafty Secrets Paper, Vintaj Heart and Branch, Feather, Canvas Fabric

I love how the feather turned into this glass feather- it is hard to describe but I totally want to do something with feathers, that are entirely inlaid in the ICE Resin – sooo cool. well – here it looks like a semi-plugged chicken (Germany Saying)…at least I “put a bird on it” (American Hipster Saying)  ;)

Here I wanted to see how German Glass Glitter looks like embedded and added a Prima Flower Embellishment. Actually it looks quite cool – something is missing though…but I will use this as an Embellishment for sure :)

I am actually hooked on making ICE Resin Paper- it is hard to show- but this Prima paper is now translucent and has a glass like surface. I need to do something with it- so you can see better. There are some opaque patches here and there- as the paper is pretty thick it was harder to treat when the above shown thin Paper by Susan – but still…

I hope you liked my Tales from the n*Lab…it just shows…I have to practice new techniques too and I’m actually a klotz…when I try something new…all kinds of things go wrong and that is how I know how to tell my students later all those things they have to avoid and how they can turn it into something awesome and “Perfect” ;) You didn’t really think I do know all those things because I’m so super smart, right? Just kidding ;)

Wishing you an awesome day


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