n*Lab Tales – Today featuring Letraset Promarkers with Letrajet Airbrush System

I had to postpone my play date in the n*lab several times- but finally I stuck to my plan and tried the so far untried Letrajet Airbrush System.

Another tool I have not yet used and had in my tool box for a long time. As I do not really work with markers, though I love my Promarkers, I found the idea totally thrilling to use the markers in an airbrushing way.

Attaching the whole thing to the bottle and the marker weren’t as hard as I had imagined- LOL -but I won’t lie- this whole pressure bottle thing is a bit intimidating to me. I think that is also the reason why this whole thing was living a sad dark life in my tool box.

After some just stupid writing and playing I grabbed a Hambly Transparency and started spraying on top to see how I liked it. I realized that I liked the colors on the sheet- but for stenciling that I would have to be a little bit more careful, since the airbrushed marker was so fine that it would easily go underneath the stencil. I also realized that the air container would need a rest pretty quick and as otherwise it would only start spitting out paints. I told you I have never airbrushed before- so every pro will now probably just shake the head …well- have fun and keep on shaking like a headbanger…LOL- you gotta start somewhere Dude ;)

So I finally decided to change the blue iPad cover…although as some of you  know it is the end of the Bee Gees in my handbag – I still use the cover at home. It is practical though it looks dirty pretty quick …I cleaned it up just for you and this photo- hahahaha

I started spraying different colors using some of the awesome Ranger Dylusions Stencils – and I loved how the Promarkers were wonderfully covering up the underlying surface.

Again I wasn’t paying attention enough to hold down with skewers or brush handles the stencils- I don’t know why- I do this always when I work with aerosol spray paints – but I guess my brain wasn’t commuting with my hands in the right way that day ;) So I just used another stencil on top ;)

So my favorite features of the Letrajet System were:

  • I love that I can use my Letraset Promarkers also as sprays – more possibilities!
  • vibrant colors
  • the colors cover the surface in a great way
  • awesome possibilities to use them on transparencies
  • awesome possibilities to work very fine and detailed

I like it a lot- but I know I won’t use it very often – although all those awesome features are true. The reason why? I do love to use many different colors and I am just a terribly impatient person when I am in my creating zone- I wanna grab the paint media and just go. The fiddling to get the markers exchanged in the system with my little sausage fingers was making me a bit grumpy. The other thing that plays a role with my impatience is that the air container needs a pause very quick…so you can only work for a certain time on the project and then need to pause. BUT – I know exactly I will go through this for certain projects whenever I want beautiful vibrant colors and there is a slick surface involved ;)

I wonder what I should put down next in my calendar to try for my n*Lab day ….oh I have something…LOL…I just checked my shelf and found another paint media that was looking a bit dusty and sad.

Have a gorgeous day


Comments (6)

  • mjmarmo


    So cool!


  • Cat


    This is quite possibly the coolest new product I have seen for quite some time…wonder if you can use it with the other alcohol markers…probably not. But I do,love your new iPad cover.


  • Martha Richardson


    uhmmmm…I think I need to get a new iPad cover because you have inspired me ;)


  • Milagros


    Me encanta la idea de poder alterar superficies plásticas, queda fantástico. Es como hacer graffitti, pero yo también soy muy impaciente.


  • Cuchy


    Love the idea of altering the ipad cover and how yours turned out. mmmmm hubby… you better hide your ipad :)


  • jerseytjej


    I love all of the colors and had you not pointed out the splotches, I would not have seen them. It feels like graffiti!


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