Oozing Paint or Why I sent a head to Toronto

It was tempting to write just “head” on the customs declaration form for my package to Bizzy B’s in Toronto…but as I was asked to alter a styrofoam head for a good cause – a silent auction at Bizzy B’s – I decided I might better not risk the opening of the package ;)

Working with styrofoam was really interesting…especially since I very much dislike the sound of styrofoam…gives me goosebumps just as getting a wooden spoon with coffee – just the thought of teeth on wood….ahhhrrrggghshahaahah – sorry- I go back to the head now …

With my head I wanted to get the things that are constantly in my head out . I am thinking of words, art and colors all the time. So I had the acrylic paints spilling out of my head and the words covering up all of my face. Kind of like- Inside – OUT.

It was fun playing with it and I hope that it will raise some money for the Western Technical School’s innovative Cyber Arts Program.

It was fun – but I gotta say…LOL- there is definitely a reason why I don’t work with heads ;) This was pretty challenging for me. If you want to see the other heads that were created- check them out here.

Hope you have a gorgeous day- what are you up for?

I am taking a class today – will share soon :)



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  • Lisa Flaherty


    Your recent post titles have been making me laugh so much! Your head looks really cool! Love the idea that it is inside out!


  • Sue Clarke


    Very cool and different Nat! I am glad that your head did not explode totally.


  • Bev W.


    Hmmmm…I think I know the feeling..lol! Very cool and interesting!


  • Martha Richardson


    Great project…have you ever been to Toronto? It is an incredible city.


  • Gillian Pearce


    What a great idea! Especially the words all over it. If I did one for myself I’d put a switch on the back for all the times I wish I could just switch my thoughts off! :-)


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