123 Hidden Journaling – or … In My Art Journal Today


A new art journal start …and boy did I not have a good day …LOL. I was so grumpy on that day I made the spread…I had to write a lot off my chest…and then I hid it


under layers of paint and gesso …and wrote some more …and hid it again…


just to write some more in a pretty unreadable way …and there you have it … a grungy grumpy page … I ‘m feeling better – and laugh again and nobody has to read my grumpy thoughts.

Thank you art journal for turning the day around ;)

What is your favorite way to hide your journaling?


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  • Joi@RR


    Grumpy or not this looks FABULOUS to me!! I imagined to myself that the numbers were you counting to 10 over and over trying to get yourself under control – eheheheheheh!!! GREAT outcome for a bad day!!! j.


  • Sue Clarke


    I have only covered my journaling once or twice but it is very much like therapy…no one else needs to read it but I’ve gotten it off my chest.
    Have a nice weekend Nat.


  • Michelle LaPoint Rydell


    Love your page Nat! It is beautiful in it’s grungyness – so expressive! I tend to hide my grumpy journaling the same way you do – paint over it. Have a great day!


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