Coffee not Tea – Art Journal

“I am not everybody’s cup of tea… that’s fine… I am a cup of coffee anyway!”

Kind of a hot mess but oh well – the gold spray paint was still wet in spots and so it muddled with the next layers…

I used acrylic paints and did some stenciling with my new ATC Mixup stencil. I also grabbed my Manhattan stencil and used that with gold MTN spray paint. You’ll also see in the mix my Small Circle Jumble rubber stamps, a Posca marker for journaling, and a postage stamp.

Is it great? Nope. Did I learn something? Only to be more patient. Did I have fun? Yep. It was good to step away from house reno and administrative workshop task for a couple minutes :)

Here are some of the supplies I used:

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  • Sue Clarke


    Love the colors and the sentiment Nat!


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