Creative Jump Start Video: Fight Resistance

I wanted to show you my second video that I had done for the Creative Jump Start 2012  – if you missed the Street Art Video – check it out here.


For those of you, who have problems watching the wordpress version – here is another option:

password is: fightresistance

Here are some pictures of the canvas book. Or Rug book (in the video also referred to as the Rock book- LOL ;) )

And now back into my studio and doing things ;) – I do have to remind myself still constantly to life up to my own words, procrastination is such an evil friend…actually procrastination is just pretending to be my friend…LOL.

What do you like to procrastinate?

Have a gorgeous day



Comments (4)

  • Conny


    ach gott ich hol mir immer wieder gern nathalie ins wohnzimmer ;-)


  • Marsha.


    Yep, that’s why I’m here… procrastinating away…


    • Nathalie Kalbach


      LOL ;) And that’s why I respond…also still procrastination ;)


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