Free Your Creativity: ARTmournal …eh artjournal

If you missed why I call an Art Journal – ARTmournal: check this post

My ARTmournal has been a great way the last couple of weeks to keep me sane- LOL. And it helped tremendously in decisions for projects for CHA. It is just so freeing to play in the journal and combining it with different other things like new media (yum yum yum…..will talk more about this new treasure soon), techniques, colors, thoughts.

and it is so forgiving because it is what it is – a journal – if I do not like what I did- I can always cover it up again …

and do something else….

Makes some fun 10 minutes a day,  and helps to get some play- and me-time:

Preparing me for the big project.Calming me down. Taking away the fear of the blank page. Getting my thoughts and emotions articulated.

And that about sums it up for me now why doing an ARTjournal/mournal .

Try it :)

Have an amazing and wonderful day…I’m off to tackle my printer…that guy is in TROUBLE ! LOL



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  • Stine Maansen


    Love love love all the different textures! gorgeous!


  • Charlene Ocasek


    Have not received anything today, is it me or what’s up:)


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