I have no time to be creative …or…Boredom Creativity

Something I hear often is that people say they have no time to be creative. “I wish I had as much time as you to be creative” …Really? Mhhh …ok- well…I am also doing this as my living…so I have to constantly actually make time to be creative. That is another argument though. I say there is always time for creativity if you really want to be creative.

(above: boredom time at doctor’s waiting room…view out of the window…kind of ;) )

There is lot’s of times where I die of boredom…waiting at the doctor, waiting at the airport, waiting for the movie to continue during the advertisement block, maybe even during the movie, my traveling time, commuting time, being on hold on the phone…gosh there are so many examples…everybody has such boredom times. I figured these times are PERFECT times to be creative!  I take out my art journal or my iPad and just play drawing and painting. It is my Boredom Creativity.


(above: boredom time in plane…actually there is nothing more boring when the blue and grey lufthansa interior in the airplane…unless you start playing with it painting)

Am I good at drawing? NO I am not.

Do I care? No I am not.

Do I enjoy playing around? Yes I do.

Do I learn stuff while doing this? Yes I do.

Do I make the best out of my time to be creative? Yes I am.

How do you spent Boredom Times?

huge hugs


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  • cal8007


    I read my book, or draw zentangles. Makes take go by so fast!


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