Melvin was outraged or…The Whatevers


Are you ready for the last photo of the Second Round of Whatevers? If you missed what the Whatevers is all about (basically they are photos that my friends and I found on flea markets etc. and that we give a new life and story) or want to see all the past photos and takes…check it out here. It was a fun ride the last two years and I thank my girls for a good time and storytelling fun.

Click here to see what Cat, Vicki,  Martha and Cuchy made out of the photo and which story they tell.

Here is my take on this month’s photo:


“Melvin was outraged. Hasn’t Mom called him “my little moon boy all the time? Why did she put an identical moon costume on his little baby brother? Not fair!!!”


The background was created with Dylusions Spraypaint, Liquitex Spraypaint, the Arabesque Stencil and then painted over here and there, stamped and then painted over again here and there.



Here is the photo of this month’s Whatever, in case you want to play along.

JULY 2014


Thank you to all of you who played along with us once in a while- it was so much fun to see what you came up with- as much as it was to see what the other girls in our Whatever Girls came up with. I will miss my fun bunch- but we all are getting busier and busier and so The Whatevers have to come to an end :)

Have a gorgeous day- here is the supply list


Have a beautiful day!



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  • Martha Richardson


    Perfect story…maybe he should buy MOON PIES for his brother instead of wearing the costume! Nathalie it has been such a pleasure working with you for the past 5 years, your encouragement made me better at what I do. You are a gifted artist…I love where this new ART is taking you. Hopefully we will work together soon or at least maybe I’ll be in one of your classes! xoxoxo


  • cuchy


    ohhhh “The Prince Dethroned” love it!!
    Thank you so much hon, for this year of stories and awesome projects.
    Loves, Cuchy


  • Vicki Chrisman


    “Moon Boy” … lol… I love it! Thanks Nat.. for letting me be a part of this amazing fun project!! I love you!


  • jenirae


    Wondering why the photos only load partially! I even tried from Cat’s site.I have really enjoyed these!


  • Cat


    Haven’t we all had those feelings one time or other, LOL. Love the bright colors and story. Going to miss this each month!


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