On a Paint Media High

Lately I have been playing a lot in my art journal- it is the place to try new things, to don’t care, to have happy and funny accidents- careless, fun, emotional…..

I love this- it makes me happy to play with old and new stuff- trying color combinations – new techniques….my studio is my happy place- no doubt about it! :)


I might have a little yellow orange crush right now ;)


I do insane stuff- hahahha- like layering up 10 or so different paint media- so much fun. Just because I can….just because I want…just because I know how they react but I want to know more about the interaction of those media….Just because….


The above image contains: Derwent Artbars, Derwent Inktense Blocks, clear Gesso, Dylusions, Maya Mists, Liquitex Spraypains, Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic Paint, Eco Green Crafts Artist Medium, Liquitex Inks and Perfect Pearl Mists….can you say INSANE- LOL

Having some amazing vibrant paint media helps…you gotta admit, that these here trigger creativity right from looking at them

These Liquitex Spraypaints will be available in Germany in Fall- they are AWESOME!

well…and the Liquitex Inks….HEAVEN in liquid form…truly…making me HAPPY :)

Just 10 minutes a day….such a wonderful feeling….try it :)

What are you doing lately that you makes you happy but might be insane?


My new Über*Media Online Workshop is here – Learn the whole Shebang about Acrylic Paints. Starts the coming monday!


wishing you a truly happy and colorful day :)




Comments (5)

  • Birgit Koopsen


    <3 <3 <3 totally into art journaling too lately :)


  • rakafam


    Looks like graffiti! WOW and POP colors, amazing and inspiring!
    Thanks :)


  • rakafam


    Looks like graffiti which I love! Wow and POP colors, so inspiring. Thank you!


  • Lisa Flaherty


    Ooo! What fun to mix so many color sources together! Looks so RICH! And those Liquitex spray paints look AWESOME!!


  • marjiekemper


    Gorgeous! Looking forward to class next week!


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