Sounding my barbaric YAWP over the rooftops of the world

My last trip going to Toronto, Chicago and NJ was really good for me. I came back with a lot of affirmation that things are good. I thank my friends, my family, my students and the people/manufacturers I work with. You made me happy! I was in a doubting slump – too many things have been not working out the way I dreamed off and probably also because one of my most loved relative is going through a hard time right now…which weighs heavy on me – I had this nagging feeling of “I suck” and “Are the things I’ m doing right now are leading in the right direction?”


I thought it wasn’t good to go away on the trip  – the timing was not good – but actually this whole trip came at the right time- It refueled me and gave me back power in many perspectives. I feel loved and valued by my friends and family and I feel creative and good-enough again thanks to my students in Toronto, artsy friends and the CREATE event. And this makes me stronger to be strong in a situations someone else needs me.

I started this book in Michelle Ward‘s awesome Frond Chronicles Workshop at Create. I love her way of using selfmade stencils and her beautiful way of layering. It was a wonderful class. At home I gave the book my own twist- made it my own and filled it with quotes from my favorite movie “Dead Poets Society” -because…it fits …it is what this trip was telling me :)

“Now we have all a great need for acceptance, but you must trust that your beliefs are unique, your own, even though others may think them odd or unpopular, even though the herd may go “that’s baaahaaad”. Robert Frost said “Two roads diverged in the wood and I, I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference”!”

Watch the scene this is from here:

Awesome- isn’t it?

“I sound my barbaric YAWP over the rooftops of the world!”

Watch the scene this is from here:



“I’m exercising the right not to walk!”


“I stand upon my desk to remind myself that we must constantly look at things in a different way”


“this is a battle, a war, and the casualties could be your hearts and souls”


“There’s a time for daring and there’s time for caution and a wise man understands which is called for!”


“What will your verse be?”

“No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world!”


“Believe in yourself. Do not abandon your convictions because it is not what others believe!”


Supplies: Watercolor Paper, Acrylic Paints, Tyvek, old Spanish Newspaper, Liquitex     Spray Paints, Liquitex Acrylic Inks, Molotow Marker, Letraset Fineliner, Sari Ribbon, Dylusions Stencil

Loving the roughness of this—Might have to take it out whenever the voice in my head tells me again that I suck  ;)

When was the last time you yelled your barbaric YAWP over the rooftops of the world?

Have a gorgeous day







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  • Kim Heiden Kayser


    Nathalie,altho I haven’t taken any of your classes I enjoyed Creative Jumpstart and I look forward to each and every post since then. Your work is vibrant,authentic,and fun. I love this post in particular. Such gorgeous colors and textures! The text is inspiring as well.Thank you soo much for sharing!


  • Nurse Ratchet


    These pages are so vibrant and luscious! Thank you so much for sharing,Nat!!
    I am not sure you quite realize the impact of your classes on those of us fortunate to have participated in Toronto. I have been so inspired and motivated since you gave me the gift of freedom to just create for my own soul as well as shared some amazing techniques and products to help feed my creative soul!!


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