Typical Northern German or…Weather Talk

A couple of days ago I showed you the amazing project by Janna Werner which was the result of our collaboration regarding Typisch Norddeutsch or in English “Typical Northern German”

I would like to share my page with you too and also my video on the process for this artjournal page.

When Janna and I thought about which theme we could choose for a fun project day together on our blogs, we realized that we both live in Northern Germany.

So what is typical Northern German for me? Well…first of all the weather…hehehehe – we are constantly saying that there is no bad weather, only bad clothing.Here is a typical summer week in Hamburg


And then also typical northern german for me is that we are for southern germans sometimes a bit cold and maybe also arrogant. Well..but on the second glance we are pretty cuddly ;)

And then …for me personally – Hamburg , my city- is pretty typical northern german – and there is a German song that kind of features all those thoughts and sentiments above in regards to Hamburg and that was my inspiration :)”City Blues” by Beginner

The song starts with the sentence:

This is Hamburg…and the sun shines….NOT (we put the not always at the end of a sentence, which cracks my mother in law in the States off…like ohhh long long sentence and then surprise ….everything is different from what you expected…NOT ;))

You can hear the song while watching how I made the page in this video

BTW…did you know that Hamburg has more sun days when Munich? Pretty unbelievable ;) So hey…if you are ever in Germany – please come to Hamburg- it is a fun city, just take some warmer clothing with you ;)

Have a gorgeous day



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  • Carrie


    I loved seeing the video of how you put it together :) It sounds like Northerners in Germany and Northerners in the US are seen the same way by the Southerners in each country. People from New England in particular are seen as being very cold and we sometimes say “standoffish” or rude. I always figured it’s because the weather there is cold, so you don’t have time to stand around talking to people when you’re out, because you want to get home where it’s warm and comfortable!


  • Lisa Flaherty


    Fun to watch you create this, Nat! All those colors and layers–each one just adding so much depth and richness. Funny quote about no bad weather, just bad clothes–I will definitely remember that one!


  • Clare


    wow! fab technique I shall definately be giving this a go. thanks for sharing. x


  • Sue Clarke


    I enjoyed watching you make this while listening to the music. Funny to be moving to the song with the hip hop pop sound without understanding the music. We New Englanders seem to discuss the weather too…every day…too hot, too muggy, just right with a slight breeze…


  • N@thie


    I love your layout


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