Christmas Compilation

So…nu also bald Sylvester…LOL. Leider hat es mich ein wenig erwischt…ob es das viele Essen war? Hier eine Weihnachts-Zusammenfassung in Bildern ;)

Oh well …so now New Years is arriving…LOL. Unforunatley I’m  a bit sick …maybe it was all the food? Here is a little christmas compilation in pictures ;)

*Unpacked Presents*

*Christmas Eve with my God Son*

*Christmas Niles*

*Christmas Morning Breakfast Preparation (me on the sofa – DH cooking ;-) )*

*Let’s start with a table for Four ;) (no photos taken of the venison stew and the homemade  bread dumplings)*

*Christmas continues – 3rd day: Preparing the Stuffing*

*Ready for the bird*

*ahhh – fresh herbs- love the smell*

*Making of the first Pumpkin Pie*

*John Wayne watching us!*

*my favorite winter flower*

*Table for Ten*

*The 17 Pound Turkey that barely made it into our Oven*

*And an amazing evening with wonderful friends!*

Ich hoffe Ihr hattet ebenso tolle Tage! Ich lege mich gleich wieder hin :( -drückt mal die Daumen, dass es nur war Kurzes ist.

I hope you had also amazing days! I will lay down right now :(  Cross your fingers that it is only a short bug.

  • Michelle


    What a crack up that your table got so big and that the turkey barely made it in the oven. I enjoyed seeing all the photos. :D TFS!


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