I will tackle that…eventually or…n*Studio Reorganziation

This letterpress cabinet makes me extremely happy. I found it…or let’s say it’s content at a flea market. I will show you more pictures soon…as it is  right now a big task to clean this up and it also goes along with reorganizing my studio…I think my friend Julie might be very happy about this ;)


So there… I put it out into the World Wide Web…now I really need to get going…It seems like such an enormous task right now- LOL.

Tell me about your studio/place where you get creative.

Huge hugs


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  • petyvic


    As the nest is empty, am using my daughters room (18×15!) and has created a working area around the perimeter, but everyday i make changes so as to turn the area more comfortable. In the center of the room, i placed a square table and there i start the projects painting and spraying, doing the dirty work…..After the end of each scrapping day, i take 10 minutes to return materials to its place, so next time i am not crazy! That is the key! Now i am recovering from a surgery, so my hobby has almost all my time!…


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