In Nat’s Studio: Gallery Wall

Now that we live for about a month in our new house, my studio is taking shape. One of the early decoration projects I knew I would want to do was a gallery wall right above the fireplace in my studio – because- come on …that space was screaming for it. 

I have a lot of very dear-to-my-heart photos of my ancestors and lots of those photos are tied with memories of my grandaunt Margot telling me all those background stories when I was a child and also when I was an adult. We both shared a deep love for photos.

So still back in my old apartment I framed all the photos – I bought a pack of differently sized frames for that matter and started laying them out on the floor. I realized really quickly that was not the way to go – how do you arrange different sized photos in a way that it is balanced but doesn’t look contrived?

So I asked around on Instagram and some of my friends and it came down to one valuable tip or me: cut out paper mock ups of the different frames and start arranging them on the wall with masking tape until you are satisfied. Easy peasy when you think of it …but I didn’t …

What a great practical tip though – I was able to let different arrangements sit for a couple hours, step back and look from different angles and rearrange until I was satisfied. It also made the placements of the nails easy.

It makes me really happy to see those pictures of my grandparents, great-grandparents, great-great-grandparents, granduncles and grandaunts on the wall .

My studio still needs some adjustments and work – but overall it is coming together and I love it very much. I love that now I have also a little reading-sitting area …still finding a spot for my many bags that are inhabiting the chair.

I think my grandaunt Margot would have approved :) 

Have you created a gallery wall? Do you have any tips on how to arrange it? I would love to hear!

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  • Laura Weed


    Great tip for a gallery wall. I wouldn’t have thought of it either. How about a decorative basket under the chair for your bags?
    Soooo jelly of a fireplace in your studio…that is amazing! Loving seeing how your new house is coming together. Thank you for sharing it with us!


    • nathalie-kalbach


      Great idea Laura- the bag was just temporarily there- it has a home LOL. So glad you enjoy the pix of the house


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