My Top Ten Photos 2011

My top ten photos of this year are not top ten because they are awesomely good- LOL – nope- because they have meaning to me :) – so let’s see:

This one I love because it was the end of CHA in January – breaking down the booth. The work there was very intense and draining – though there were so many awesome things and the pictures says it all – huzzle buzzle and sunset :) So looking forward going there again in 3 weeks (EEEK)

This picture from Greece reminds me of an amazing day in wonderful company in Athens . It was such a wonderful workshop trip and those girls truly made it special with doing a nice city tour on one of the days!

Singapore- I loved the colors, and then this park – amazing – calm and beautiful.

A nice day at the beach in Australia after my workshop tour there – it was rewarding and beautiful!

This will be stuck forever as one of the pictures of Australia for me  – Sitting on the terrace, winding the day down with a nice fire – priceless!

and…hahahah- do I need to explain why this picture is one of my faves….?

Tandem Bike on Cape Cod…it was a beautiful day and we laughed so hard that day…..

Another Cape Cod photo – this morning when I woke up in a beautiful light in the sleeping room – it made me just gasp and grap the feeling “What a wonderful Life”

And this one …although I know Julie for a while now- it is a photo that speaks for a new and wonderful friendship that goes beyond the industry :) Love it!

And this photo of my grand aunt making nonsense at her birthday party – LOL – is my total favorite this year. There have been many moments this year where we didn’t know if she would celebrate her birthday this December and there has been a lot of moments where it was weighing tough on me alone trying to find out what is best for her . I think we made some good decisions and here she is !!! I love her so much and I’m extremely happy for all the time we spent together this year! Here is to another year aunt Margot!

Have you taken the time and looked at some of your pictures this year? What was your favorite one?

Have a wonderful day :)

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  • Lisa


    Wow! You took a spin around the world this year! Wonderful photos! Your blog post about your Great Auntie was one of the first I read on discovering your blog. What a special relationship and love you have. Looking forward to following your posts in 2012! Happy New Year to you!


  • Sue Clarke


    I could just stare at the photo of the park in Singapore forever and think wonderful thoughts. Happy New Year Nat and thanks for sharing your wonderful photos.


  • Drea


    Großartige Fotos von tollen Flecken auf dieser Welt und von schönen Erlebnissen! Wow! Dein Jahr war wirklich aufregend, wie?!
    Das letzte Foto ist natürlich ganz besonders. Hoffentlich werdet ihr auch im nächsten Jahr wieder feiern!

    …meine schönsten Fotos sind alle von meinem Sohn, auf den ich dieses Jahr unglaublich stolz sein kann, was er alles gemeistert hat. Und die werden ja bei mir bekanntlich alle verscrapt! lach

    Ich wünsche dir einen guten Start ins neue Jahr und viel Gesundheit und Glück, dass 2012 für dich ein kreatives und ebenso erfolgreiches Jahr wird wie das, was nun zu Ende geht!
    Ich drück dich
    deine Drea


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