n*Studio moves to the U.S. – CELEBRATION



In exactly one week we will be arriving at our new home in the U.S. The n*Studio will be packed in the shipping container in the next days and I will be offline mostly. But don’t worry..I have scheduled some fun posts and there will be also a blog-hop coming up with another nice giveaway next week. And then just cross fingers that the phone company hooks us up quickly again in our new place .


Lot’s of work lays already behind us – from cleaning out pantries, giving away and selling things that won’t fit into the container or are not allowed to be shipped to the U.S. or cannot work in the U.S., to cleaning bikes and shoes as no dirt allowed to be brought in, to lot’s of paperwork, getting the apartment here in shape and find a new renter. Our To-Do List got way smaller but this coming week will be totally insane, making sure the movers pack everything and properly, the labeling for customs , the cat getting a little ride to the vet for the health certificate,


the good bye party tonight and other farewells, packing 6 suitcases  and a cat…well…LOL…let’s stop here …you get the picture and if not..follow me on instagram you will probably get some there ;)

Niles Card

While we are sad to leave Hamburg and our family and friends here- we are VERY HAPPY and excited to move to Jersey City and our family and friends there. One of you said in one of the comments that she cannot at all understand why we move to the U.S. Well..you know when you have a multi-national marriage – one of you always has to leave the country and be further away from their loved ones…and after 15 years I think it is my task now and I am very content and well with it  and I cannot wait to work further on some really fun n*Studio projects there (wait and see) :) Home is where your heart is and my heart goes now to the U.S. plus…the world is so much smaller now…I see my family and friends already again in December and I tell you, if only half of the people come to visit us in the U.S. that said they would, we pretty much do not even feel we moved ;) …so that is not too bad ;)

So………………..let’s celebrate



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Thank You for celebrating with me !

Have a wonderful and creative day !



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  • Julie


    I love that pic of you! I would say, “that is so Nat!” lol – and i don’t even know you!

    Welcome to your new home!


  • Mila


    I wish you all the best in your new stage. There is truth in the phrase “your home is where your heart”. A big hug will follow you wherever you go.


  • Geri Pate


    Safe travels! I believe making any major move in life is, of course bittersweet. I have moved and traveled many times throughout my life all over the globe. I have found moving to be a very spiritual experience–leaving me to always be more grateful for where I just left and so appreciative for I am am moving to. Moving is an end and a beginning, with all the joys and stresses that accompany both. There is a book I recommend, it is one artist/woman’s trek of being filled with wanderlust and then settling down. The story is EXCELLENT and the ART is gorgeous! “WHEN WANDERERS CEASE TO ROAM,” is the name of the book by Vivian Swift. Good luck and God bless you on the move.


  • Kirsten Reed


    Good luck on the move! Having moved back and forth to Germany four times, I feel your pain! Lots to do!! I hope you settle in well in your new city and maybe we will get to meet at an art class or retreat one day!


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