Project 365 – Week 2

Hier also die Bilder der 2. Woche des Projektes – Jeden Tag auf den Auslöser gedrückt ;-)

So here are the photos of week 2 of the project “hang in and get a picture every day ;-)


So Niles loves this thin rubber doggie – which you can throw and then he is running and brings it back…he is weird…isn’t he? Maybe passive agressive with dogs???


I got those tulips as a thank you from a neighbor. Loved them – so my first tulips this year :-)


Such a nice afternoon with Liz and the kids and this delish rhaspberry cake- yummie! Screw the New Years Resolutions- LOL


mmmhh- maybe New Years Resolutions are not too bad…I have a hard time climbing up the steps several times a day- LOL


Had a grumpy start this day…but I didn’t break any glass :-)


YEAH – Hubby is back from the States- he looks funny when he is jet lagged :)


I love the harbour with ice on it – so cool !


sodele – ich wünsche Euch noch einen schönen Sonntag – ich trink jetzt einen schönen heißen Tee!

I’m wishing you a wonderful sunday – I’m going to drink a nice hot tea right now!

  • Michelle


    These are looking great. Love the cat toy and the staircase! I would have thought to take that picture had I not been exhausted from climbing up to your house!


  • AlexM


    really beautiful pictures! The last one is amazing!


  • christiane


    wow, your pics are fantastic!! :D


  • Nura Keif


    Beautiful photos!! Drool at the cake!! hehe Love the tulips:-D


  • heather


    Those photos are really, really great. The harbor looks cold and the cake looks really yummy. (I left you an answer at The Ghost)


  • Michelle Rydell


    OMG You are such a talented photographer! Your photos belong in a museum! FAB!


  • Fienchen


    Super Fotos !!
    Ich finde es genial, das du anscheind deine Kamera echt immer dabei hast ! Und noch besser finde ich, das sich dein Männe immer so bereitwillig knipsen lässt ;o)
    Hab eine schöne Woche mit tollen Fotos !


  • Kim Sonksen


    Awesome pictures! I love thsat one of your stairway, it made me pant just looking at it LOL


  • Natasja


    Love the pics especially the stairs!!


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