Project 365 – Week 34

Such a crazy and exciting week – I liked it :) So here we go with pictures again- sorry about the photo overload at the time, but I was so busy I hadn’t had time to create – or what I created I can’t show at the moment! But I promise I get better ;)

Was für eine verrückte und aufregende Woche – hat mir sehr gefallen :) Hier also mal wieder Photos – tut mir leid, dass es gerade so viele gibt, aber ich war so beschäftigt, dass ich kaum Zeit zum scrappen hatte – oder wenn doch, dann für Projekte, die ich noch nicht zeigen kann! Aber ich gelobe Besserung ;)


Lunch with Liz – such wonderful time :)


Such a nice evening. Had an office party on our office balcony- with bbq, music from YouTube on our Computers and cake and fun :)


Day went by in a blur – packing, organising, cleaning, “migraine-ing”. Niles “why are you doing this to me???”


Arrived in Odense, Denmark. The cute street where Hans Christian Andersen was born just across MultiScrap where I taught.


Love this pic of Iben- that was too funny!


Somebody got a new hammock ;) Happy Anniversary!


Did a bicycle tour – went on the ferry to go to the other side of the river and rode around there. Fun, beautiful  and relaxed day.

Wishing you a gorgeous start into the week!!!!

Wünsche Euch einen tollen Start in die Woche!!!

  • Iben


    Ha-ha, so you actually took a picture of me with my red nose. The hammock looks nice. Wish I could get in the habbit of taking as many pictures as you do.


  • Donna


    Great photos, Nat. I love to see your weeks go by!!


  • Michelle


    I love that hammock! Do you each have one now or do you share? Sorry about the migraine-feel your pain.


  • Barbara


    I love when you post photos! Denmark looks like fun!

    Happy Anniversary!


  • Fienchen


    Was für tolle Bilder !
    Ich komme immer so gern zum schauen, nur zum schreiben pack ich´s nicht :o(
    Na – ich hoffe einfach, wir sehen uns vielleicht noch einmal in naher Zukunft !
    Drück dich,


  • Kim Sonksen


    I am so impressed that you are still doing the weekly photo round up. I think I would miss something if you stopped doing it :)


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